Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mommy’s Home!

The week after Thanksgiving I had a 5 day work trip to Las Vegas. Now most people would love the idea that they get to go to Las Vegas for work, but when you have to leave this sweet girl for that long it makes it MUCH harder!IMG_0118

Although Adelyn tried to sneak in my suitcase, she didn’t get to go to Vegas with Mommy….it did cross my mind though! My Mom even offered to fly there and be my nanny for the week! Anyway…between phone calls, skype, and lots of pictures sent I survived and so did Daddy & Adelyn! (I wasn’t worried about them!)IMG_0084

I got home Friday night around 11pm and it was all I could to not pick her up from her crib. But I held out, went to bed, and jumped up the second I heard her wake up Saturday morning. I went into her room and she gave me the BIGGEST smile and reached for me!! It totally melted my heart, she knew Mommy was home! She hasn’t reached for me or anyone else since, but I’m still going with the fact that she knew what she was doing! IMG_0123

Lots happened while I was gone that week. Adelyn went from doing the tripod sit to being an all out sitter! I was so proud of my sweet girl!! And I think you can tell by the pictures, that she was pretty proud of herself!IMG_0124

I think her favorite part is now she can reach out for Abby…if Abby gets close enough!IMG_0125


Can you tell that she loves her puppy?IMG_0128

And Abby loves Adelyn! SmileWe spent the day Saturday getting in lots of snuggles (Mommy needed to catch up!), did some shopping, and of course lots of play time on the floor…while sitting! IMG_0131

I’m happy to say I have no more work trips planned till next fall (I hope!).


  1. She is just SO happy in every picture I see of her!

  2. Go Kyle!! I am super impressed that Kyle was able to keep her for 5 days. I'm not sure Matt would have survived!!

    And about the slippers.....that was the first time that they actually stayed on. They finally fit him, now that he is about to outgrow the pj's!!

  3. I am happy to see that Adelyn loves her big sister! She is just too much. Such a happy little girl!!


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