Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beginning Solids

While we were on Christmas break (read: 10 days off work!) we took advantage of the time at home with Adelyn to begin solids. We started on Tuesday the 20th with sweet potatoes and went to applesauce a few days later. She did really well with the new foods and we got some great entertainment out of it! You have to check out the series of pictures below!

Bring on the new food, Mom!IMG_0501

And here’s the first bite of applesauce!IMG_0505

I don’t think she was sure what to think!IMG_0506

And here is where the entertainment begins! She made this face with EVERY single bite of sweet potatoes and applesauce!IMG_0507

Don’t worry, I tried both foods to make sure they weren’t sour! But based on that face you would think otherwise!IMG_0508

I think the new flavors were just a bit much for her little taste buds! This sweet girl just cracks me up!IMG_0510

We tried peas on Monday the 26th and we didn’t get the same result. But she also wasn’t feeling well and didn’t eat the same. So we’ll see how she does over the next few days. Hope this gave ya a giggle or two!! Smile


  1. Hahaha....I was so glad to see her do that in person....it is for sure great entertainment! I love my little niecey Addy! :)

  2. That's hilarious!! Love the sour face! You need to get her the Sesame Street book called "Monster Faces". Reminds me of her faces here.

  3. LOL! This made my day!! That is by far the cutest lil sour face I've ever seen. Too funny!


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