Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adelyn’s Five Months Old!

November 21st marked Adelyn’s 5th month of life! It’s hard to believe Adelyn is less than one month away from being half a year old! This sweet girl has forever changed our lives in a way we never knew way possible! Adelyn’s fifth month of life was a busy, full one, but great at the same time! DSC011271

We are so thankful how happy Adelyn is all the time. You can just look at her and she smiles from her head all the way to her toes! Kyle’s Mom said he was the same way when he was a baby! She is getting much easier to get belly laughs out of these days too! Daddy is especially good at it!DSC01137

Adelyn is SO, SO close to being a “sitter”. She does the “tripod” like a champ, but if she gets too excited or reaches too far one way she falls over. I wouldn’t be surprised if I will be posting this coming week about our little girl who sits on her own! She still isn’t showing many signs of crawling, despite daycare’s opinion. When she’s on her tummy her arms and legs are just a going, like she’s swimming or something, but she doesn’t go anywhere! She can turn herself around to face a different direction or wiggle her way to a different place on her play mat, but no crawling yet.DSC01133

The day after Adelyn turned 4 months old we noticed 2 little white teeth poking through her bottom gums! She didn’t get fussy or anything when they were coming through, which we were thankful for. Now they are all the way through and you can clearly see her 2 pearly whites when she flashes that sweet smile!

This little girl loves anything she can chew on! Sophie the giraffe is her favorite, along with her taggie blanket and a few other teethers. But if those toys aren’t available she is willing to chew on anything that she can get in her mouth!DSC01140

On October 29th we tried rice cereal for the first time with Adelyn. We mixed it with 3T formula and 1T cereal (I was trying to save all the breastmilk I could for an upcoming week long work trip). It was very runny, but she still did really well. As the month went on she continued to get better and better. And we also began mixing the cereal a little thicker and she did really well with that too. She does so well with the spoon and the majority of the cereal ends up in her mouth! We are planning on starting baby food around 6 months.

Adelyn still eats 5-6 times per day. The rice cereal is just an addition. I usually get to nurse her 2-3 times a day and she has 3 bottles of breastmilk at daycare.DSC01136

Adelyn is still wearing size 2 diapers and size 3-6 mo clothes. I bought a few Christmas outfits in 6-12 thinking she would be in the next size up by that time, but nope! I just had to exchange them today for the 3-6mo size! She really is a long little girl!

We count it a huge blessing to have such a happy little girl! We are especially looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas a family of 3!5 months


weight – didn’t weigh her

length – didn’t measure her

eating – 100% nursing or breastmilk from a bottle

clothes - 3-6 months

diapers - size 2

Watch me grow!By the Months


  1. I can't believe she has both of her bottom teeth already. Pearson still doesn't have any and there are no signs of them popping through. He is drooling and chewing on everything though!!

  2. She is so long and lean! So so adorable!


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