Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with Friends

When we were off work before Christmas we had all kinds of fun things planned! One of them included traveling about an hour north to our good friends house, Vahn & Sara and their 2 girls, Emma & Grace. Sara and I worked together at the college for a few years and have stayed close friends ever since! We always say we just wish we lived closer to see each other more!


Emma is 3 and Grace turned 1 on Christmas. Grace was really connected to me! If I was sitting on the floor she would just come right over and snuggle in my lap. She’s such a sweet little girl! Sara said she was so surprised by this because she doesn’t usually go to new people that quickly!


We brought Emma just a small little bonus gift, a giant color book. It was so funny ‘cause she was more about tearing out the pages and giving them to us than coloring them! I love her look of innocence in this picture!


Sara made us a great supper and afterwards we did a little gift exchange!


Needless to say Emma was pretty excited about her new outfit! She loves clothes, it’s so cute!IMG_0413

And Grace was more excited about the wrapping than her gift, but that’s ok!


They gave Adelyn a Leap Frog fridge toy where you make matches with animals. She LOVES it! Thanks guys!!!IMG_0444

We couldn’t resist getting a picture of our 3 girls together! Getting pictures of 3 little girls under 3 is pretty hard though…Take 1IMG_0418


Take 2…


Take 3…


Take 4…still no go…


Take 5…I think this is the closest we’re going to get!


Pictures of the Momma’s are a little easier!


Like I mentioned earlier Grace turned 1 on Christmas, so we brought along her birthday gift too.


We had a great time with our friends! Thanks for having us guys!

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