Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smocked Christmas Dress

Our favorite clothing designer, SheShe Made, was selling smocked clothing this year. I hadn’t seen these before, but have a lot of “blog friends” who love anything smocked and I loved the details on the outfit, so I ordered one for Adelyn (nope I ordered 2, one for next year, ha!)! And I’m a sucker for anything festive to dress my little girl up in! 12.11

Well evidently smocked clothing isn’t something people from Iowa have seen before. The first words out of Kyle’s mouth were: “Why is she wearing that outfit?” Don’t ask me where in the world he got Indian from her sweet little outfit! But it sure did give me a good laugh! And lets just say when we were out that night we got some interesting comments, including one from my sister: “What did you put Adelyn in?”

I told Kyle that Adelyn is going to start a trend in Iowa! And I sure hope this post doesn’t make Iowans sound like back country hicks…! Ha! SmileWe really aren’t hillbillies!


  1. haha! this cracks me up!! I love smocked things for babies. My mom dressed us in it growing up and Hudson's coming home outfit was smocked. Next year she can wear it as a top with jeans! She's so adorable in that!

  2. I love smock dresses! All the little girls down here where them! She looks beautiful!


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