Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Taste of Cereal

This post is very late, over a month to be a little more precise! On October 29th we tried cereal with Adelyn for the first time. We mixed it with 3T formula and 1T cereal (I was trying to save all the breastmilk I could for an upcoming week long work trip). So with that mixture it was very runny, but good for a first try. She did really well for a first try!DSC01004

She even cleaned her plate! Winking smile


Day 2 with cereal was even better (as you can tell by the picture)! I mixed the cereal a little bit thicker and she did really well. She eats like a champ now and I think by the time she’s 6 months she’ll be more than ready for baby food. day 2 of cereal.1

This is mainly for the Grandma’s & Aunties, but to see Adelyn’s first experience with cereal check out the video below!


  1. I love how she is so facinated with her bib! :) She did great! (and I like your comment about it not smelling too good ha ha)

  2. I watched your video, and I agree it does stink. I think it's the formula, because I think formula stinks!!

  3. It is the formula that makes it stink. The first 2 times I made it I used breast milk and it wasn't bad. Today I used formula for the first time making it and it stunk!


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