Friday, June 21, 2013

Kicking and Screaming

Thursday May 30th was my first day back to work. To say I wasn’t excited about the transition is a complete understatement. The day before I was pretty pouty and sad, but then decided I have to go back to work I need to be positive. So I gave myself a pep talk and surprisingly Thursday went really well. There were minimal tears (by Mommy!) and I got through the day ok. BUT….then came Friday and I was a complete mess. By the next week I was still pretty sad each morning thinking about leaving my babies. I think it was fully sinking in that this is for real! Thankfully I like my job, have a wonderful group of people to work with, and our office is busy so my days go fast.
As of today I’ve been back to work for 3 weeks now and, honestly, I still hate leaving them (and still cry sometimes)! Pretty sure it will get easier, but you never want to leave your kids! I still don’t feel like we’ve settled into a routine yet, but we’ll get there, that I know! I just wanted to post this so I remember this time in our family and how the transition went (and to show that the point of me blogging is show our life…real life.).

Avery: 3 Months

Dear Avery,
June 7th you turned 3 months! We’ve had some adjustments this month, but you are adapting pretty well. You have grown so much this month and time continues to fly by much too fast!
The biggest change is that you started going to daycare this month because Mommy had to return to work on Thursday May 29th. Pretty sure it was harder on Mommy than you! It took a few days for you to get used to napping in a new place & taking a bottle, but I think you are used to the new routine. Mommy thought for sure she had it figured out since she’d already done it once with big sister, but going back to work this time has been even harder. I’ll figure it out eventually! IMG_5375
At daycare you take a 4oz bottle of pumped breast milk every 2 ½ - 3 hours. And at home on the weekends/evenings you nurse every 3+ hours. You really have turned into a good eater! You burp right away too and another positive is that you are spitting up less & less.
Monday May 27th was your first night that you slept 10 hours! Ever since then you’ve been consistently sleeping from 7:30pm-5/5:30am! You just knew Mommy was going back to work and needed her rest! Thank you sweet boy! We still have kept the same bedtime routine of bath, bottle {Mommy nurses you too, just to make sure you are full!}, snuggle, swaddle, white noise machine, and then bedtime.
You are cooing, giggling, smiling, etc so much these days! We can just look at you, talk or sing to you and you give us that big sweet smile!
Your nap schedule is COMPLETELY different now that you are at daycare. You aren’t a long napper at daycare, hopefully we can get that changed, therefore you haven’t been napping that well on the weekends either. We’ll get it figured out though!
This month you have enjoyed your swing, bouncy seat (we use this a lot…supper time, bath time, etc!), and your play mat. We also have had you sitting in your bumbo seat this month. You really enjoying sitting more upright and being part of the action! Since Mommy is back at work our walks have been limited, but with summer hours we try to squeeze in a trip to the park after work/daycare most days. You LOVE your stroller and being outside so much. You are always so relaxed and content when we’re at the park.
Just like your second month you still play with that tongue! Its so funny to watch you play with it, stick it out, & wiggle it all around! And you still aren’t a fan of tummy time, but we try to do a little each day, hoping soon you won’t hate it so much!
You also have become quite fond of your fists this month. Quite often we will find you with them in your mouth chewing or sucking on them! You won’t take a paci, but you sure do like your fists!
You had your first trip out of state this month. Before Mommy went back to work you, Adelyn, & Mommy took a road trip to Aunt Stef’s house for a few days. You were a great traveler! Bed time at Aunt Stef’s was a challenge since you and big sister go to bed at the same time, but we managed and overall had a good time with everyone. You also had your first trip to the Omaha zoo!
Mommy & Daddy had their first time away from both you and big sister this month. Grandma Cindy watched you two. You were stubborn and wouldn’t take a bottle (this was before Mommy went back to work), but Great Grandma Donna happened to stop over and she got you to take it!
You are still wearing size 1 diapers. We are finishing the last box of size 1 diapers and then will move to size 2 soon. You are also still wearing size 0-3 clothes, some things are getting too short. Your 3-6 mo clothes are all hung up in your closet ready to go (but I’m in no hurry for you to grow little boy!).
My handsome, sweet boy, this month brought lots of big changes, but we will settle into a new routine. Its so fun watching you grow and change! Your Daddy, big sister, and Mommy all love you very much!
Love, Mommy

weight 14.8lbs
length didn’t measure
eating 100% breastfeeding
clothes 0-3 months
diapers size 1

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