Friday, June 21, 2013

Kicking and Screaming

Thursday May 30th was my first day back to work. To say I wasn’t excited about the transition is a complete understatement. The day before I was pretty pouty and sad, but then decided I have to go back to work I need to be positive. So I gave myself a pep talk and surprisingly Thursday went really well. There were minimal tears (by Mommy!) and I got through the day ok. BUT….then came Friday and I was a complete mess. By the next week I was still pretty sad each morning thinking about leaving my babies. I think it was fully sinking in that this is for real! Thankfully I like my job, have a wonderful group of people to work with, and our office is busy so my days go fast.
As of today I’ve been back to work for 3 weeks now and, honestly, I still hate leaving them (and still cry sometimes)! Pretty sure it will get easier, but you never want to leave your kids! I still don’t feel like we’ve settled into a routine yet, but we’ll get there, that I know! I just wanted to post this so I remember this time in our family and how the transition went (and to show that the point of me blogging is show our life…real life.).


  1. AH, sorry it's been hard to go back to work. Hopefully it will get easier!

  2. Is working part-time an option? I know for me, working part time is a great balance between being home with the kids and being able to provide for them. Taking in consideration the cost of daycare and knowing the kids are only young for short time made the decision easy for me. I know it isn't an option for everyone and I'm grateful it is one I am able to do. Once the kids are in school full time, I'll likely have to return to work full time.
    I'm sorry you are having a hard time going back. I do hope it gets easier. I'm spoiled up here in Canada. I get a full year off.


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