Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adelyn is 2: party details

Adelyn’s 2nd birthday party was an ice cream theme! I picked a few themes back in March and asked which one she wanted and her reply was “eye keem”! I was excited because ice cream is pretty much a food group in this house!
While on maternity leave I got to work planning her party. I made a simple ice cream cone invite. We simplified a bit this year compared to her 1st birthday party by having an afternoon party and only inviting family. I printed out a template of an ice cream cone I found online and just tailored it to my linking. I then used a scallop die cut and cut it in half for the ice cream on top.
We chose the weekend after her birthday to have her party. I wanted to have it the same weekend that we dedicated Avery at church so my sister’s from Omaha didn’t have to make 2 trips. It worked out great because we celebrated her birthday on Friday the 21st and then celebrated and talked about her upcoming ice cream for the whole next week!
We were borrowed a Frosty machine from our good friend’s, Mark & Kathy, who run the Wendys here in town. Kyle got it all set up (electrical stuff that I don’t understand!) and about an hour before her party realized that he had a 4 phase cord and the machine was 3 phase (whatever that means!) so it wouldn’t work. Mark didn’t disappoint though, he had the store do up about 25 medium frostys and went and picked them up just in time for her party. Crisis avoided!
I made the welcome sign for the door and the orange tissue ball. Thankfully my good friend, Sara, had just had her daughter’s 1st birthday party the weekend before we were able to share some décor and serving dishes! The pink tissue balls were from her. Thanks again Sara! (we need to plan our girls’ parties together every year!)
My inspiration for the serving table came from one of the very first “pins” I saw on Pinterest when I began planning her party. I loved the giant 2 and the fabric banners! Ok, who am I kidding, the entire set up is adorable! I chose a few fun fabrics in her party colors and made the 2 banners. The orange frames are from Avery’s nursery and I borrowed the pink frame from Sara. I made the “Happy Birthday” banner and all the topping labels. The table skirts are from a wedding I decorated a few years back (worked perfect to hide all of Daddy’s tools!).
Topping choices includes brownie bites, M&Ms, ice cream cone shaped marshmallows, crushed Oreos, cherries, nuts, sprinkles, peanut butter cups, chocolate syrup, caramel topping, and chocolate chip cookies (made by Kyle’s Mom). We also had the cutest frosted sugar cookies in the shape of an ice cream cone (I wasn’t very good about getting pictures before the party started, so I don’t have a close up!).
I made the “Keep Calm” sign and just had it printed as a 5X7 picture at Target, another Pinterest idea! My SIL, Laura, made the ice cream cone image at the top of the sign. I also used that on the topping labels and the welcome sign! Thanks Auntie Laura!
To the left of the main serving area is where we were going to have the frosty machine, but we had plan B instead and it worked out just fine! The pink & yellow napkin wreath is borrowed from my friend, Kim, from work (her daughter's party was pink & yellow last year).
Each person had their choice of sundae, cone, or float! Since we didn’t get to use the machine no one had a cone, but the sundaes & floats were both a hit! Auntie Laura also made the “sweeter each year” sign. Where’d I get the idea? Pinterest, of course! I made the labels for the bowls & the sign using the ice cream image, once again, that Laura made.
The week before her party I realized I hadn’t ordered her a cake yet. I decided just to get a small one since we already had so many sweets with the ice cream sundae bar, but this way she could still blow out her candles at the party! Larita’s (an awesome bakery here in town) never disappoints, they also made the ice cream cone cookies! We ended up eating Adelyn’s birthday cake the following day with some friends!
I brought up Adelyn’s table & chairs from the playroom. I thought it would be fun for her, Hayden, and Lily to have their little kiddie table! I simply wrapped the top with yellow & pink wrapping paper and then used ribbon & my cricut to make some place cards for each of their chairs! The favors were Mickey Mouse sidewalk chalk ($0.50 at Walgreens!) and one of those ice cream cones with the foam top that you push the bottom the top flies off (no clue what they’re called!). Everyone loved the ice cream cone favors!
Lastly I wanted to do a photo booth like I did last year, but didn’t plan for the wind! So the streams were just pretty…blowing in the wind! I used the left over fabric as a backdrop for her gift table. And that sad yellow 2 was my attempt from the pin I mentioned earlier. Let me just say, cutting styrofoam isn’t easy! Ha!
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  1. Love the theme and I love all of the colors. Serving ice cream sundaes is such a fun low key food to do!!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! This was one of the theme's I had thought about doing for Chloe's first birthday (but had since forgotten about it). I really want to do something for her again this year but I haven't even started planning. I may have to follow your footsteps if you don't mind because you did such a great job! And such a great theme for a hot summer day.


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