Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adelyn is 2: party people

This is the one & only picture that got taken in the “photo booth”, darn wind! And Avery was so tired at this point and the party had barely started! I had to get a family picture before I let Adelyn go to town on her ice cream sundae!
This is from later on in the party, but I just couldn’t resist! I love this little girl with all my heart! Can’t believe she’s already 2! She had the best time at her ice cream party and a week later is still talking about it! In fact, every time we pull in the garage she says “ice cream party!”. Oh honey, I only wish we could have an ice cream party every time we come home!
The kiddos checking out their table! Hayden & Lily didn’t quite get the place cards on their chairs though! Ha!
Adelyn had been talking about her ice cream party for a week, I was so excited when I could finally say it was time for her ice cream party! Adelyn’s shirt is from SheSheMade (who else…Ashley’s our favorite!) and her bow is from the etsy shop, andjane. I actually got her bow last year there as well. She does awesome work and they are SO adorable!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 013IMG_5572
Lily enjoying her ice cream sundae!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 014
I don’t think Hayden liked his…ha! This kid’s faces just crack me up! There’s no doubt that these three littles had their share of sugar that day!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 015
And the big kids enjoyed their ice cream sundaes as well!
Aunt Wendi and her boy, Matt! Do you see how Wendi so nicely had her left hand on her knee? She’s practicing for when she has some bling on that left hand to show off! Ha! (Sorry Wendi, I couldn’t resist!)
Grandma Cindy & Grandma Duane – Oh and I forgot to get a picture of the tables in the details post. This was another FANTASTIC pinterest idea. I used just a regular roll of plastic table cloth and then used a fun coordinating wrapping paper as a table runner! The coolest thing about it was that I found the wrapping paper in the dollar section at Target!
Uncle Preston and Grandpa ‘teve (in Adelyn’s words!) Oh and btw, that is a classic face for my Dad, just ask anyone in my family!
Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Jim, and Great Grandma DeWall
There’s no doubt that Adelyn’s cousins have any personality…just look at those faces!
IMG_5573Adelyn's 2nd Bday 082
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 025Adelyn's 2nd Bday 026
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 040Adelyn's 2nd Bday 060
So I know I mentioned we just did immediate family for Adelyn’s party and that’s just how Mark & Kathy feel, like family! These are 2 very special people in our life and we’re so thankful for them and how much they love our sweet kiddos!
These 2 pictures just make me smile! Auntie M & Uncle P are the best!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 063Adelyn's 2nd Bday 064
4 generations!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 067
Uncle Geoff has a remote for his camera so we got a group shot of my whole family before everyone left! Love my family! (I guess we are missing Grampo)
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 074
My 3 amazing sisters and our kids! Getting a good picture with 3 toddlers and a baby isn’t easy!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 078
Aunt Stef wanted one with the kids…Hayden wasn’t even interested…Lily wasn’t sure about sharing her Mama…and Avery just hung out the whole time! Ha!
Adelyn's 2nd Bday 081IMG_5767
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  1. Her shirt is so cute!!! And the wrapping paper on the table cloths is such a good idea!! I'll have a little 4 month old next year at Pearson's 3rd birthday!!


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