Monday, March 24, 2014

Avery’s 1st Birthday

Friday March 7th Avery turned one! We celebrated with a traditional donut for breakfast. Usually I would put a candle in it and we’d sing, but I didn’t have any on hand. Avery didn’t mind though!
He got a few good bites of the donut and then ended up throwing most of the pieces on the floor. I’m sure he will quickly discover the deliciousness of donuts!
He spent the majority of the day at daycare. Kyle and I had both been home with Avery in the days prior to his birthday because of his mystery rash. We got some take out KFC for supper that night and had a fun little celebration for our little guy! He was quite excited about his cupcake!
Enjoy the following pictures of his first crash {cup} cake!
Safe to say he enjoyed {destroyed} his cupcake!
We asked friends & family for no gifts. We did have a few random gifts, but for the most part they honored our wishes. Our family is more than blessed and the last thing Avery needed was more toys or clothes. Instead our family blessed Avery with contributions to his college fund.
I did take Adelyn to Target to let her pick out a gift for Avery. I thought it would be a good teaching moment for her. She did fantastic and ended up picking out an airplane and so I “gently guided” her to also pick the Planes movie!
Avery was thrilled…ha! Just goes to prove he doesn’t need toys…only empty boxes!
Happy 1st birthday sweet boy! Next up, birthday party posts!

Avery: 12 months

Dear Avery,
My sweet boy, this has been the fastest year of my life. I cannot believe it was a year ago that you made us a family of four! You have completely captured my heart and your Daddy, sissy, and I all love you very much!IMG_6726-001_thumb
You are officially a walker! You starting taking 3-4 steps the week before you turned 1 and you just continue to get better & better each day! Its so fun to watch you toddle all around! This was a record month for teething! You got 4 molars and 2 more teeth on top. You have 11 teeth total now.
The week of your 1st birthday you got a mystrey rash that completely covered your little body. You weren’t at all bothered by it, but it sure had Mommy & Daddy worried! After a few doctor appointments I think we came to the conclusion it was viral. But to be safe we are staying away from mangos. You had mango yogurt 1 hour before you broke out in the rash, so it could also be an allergic reaction.
Your vocabulary still consists of about 3 words mama, dada, ball, and few other jibber jabbers! You are getting really good about pointing to what you want. You also follow a few commands really well such as, “shut the door” or “close the cupboard”!
You are still taking 2 naps a day. Over the past month you’ve gotten better at naps. You usually nap around 9-9:30am for an hour or so and then again in the afternoon for about the same amount of time. IMG_6723_thumb
The 2nd week of your 11th month we started mixing your midday bottle at daycare – 1/2 breast milk and 1/2 whole milk. You did so well with the transition and didn’t miss a beat. March 3rd was your last mixed bottle. Your last week of your 11th month I continued to nurse you morning and evening. A few days later we dropped your AM nursing session and gave you a sippy cup of a milk. After a day or 2 (and warming it up) you got used to this new routine. Mommy is still nursing you before bed.
Speaking of bed, after nursing you around 6:45/7pm-ish you go down for the night pretty well. Most days you will sleep till 6am or later. Since those 6 more teeth popped through you have been sleeping SO much better lately!
You are still a great eater! You love any fruit or vegetable and we are trying to push more meats with you than we did your sister. Out of anything, fruits are definitely your favorite! You also love bread, but for some reason could leave pancakes or waffles! Silly boy!
Avery boy, you are such a fun little boy with the sweetest laugh and cutest little face I ever did see! We cannot wait to continue to watch you grow!
weight 22 lbs 10oz – at 1yr well baby check
length 30 1/8 in. – at 1yr well baby check
eating table food, whole milk, and nursing 1x/day
clothes 6-12 month , 12 month, & a few 18 month
diapers size 4

Look how you’ve changed over the past year!
Here’s a comparison of you and your big sissy at 12 months!IMG_6726-001IMG_2419

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