Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Now that we have sent out Adelyn’s birth announcements to our family & friends I wanted to share them with blog land too! Seems crazy she’s already grown & changed so much since these pictures were taken when she was only5 days old!livepreview

Birthday Recap

Since my birthday fell on a Monday (a work day for Kyle) I spent the majority of the day with my sweet baby girl! I was A-ok with that too! Most years for my birthday I am work and it’s crazy busy. I welcomed the change this year. DSC00693

My sister Wendi stopped by on her lunch break bringing balloons and a gift!

DSC00702 DSC00703

Adelyn and I went for a run in the afternoon. It was a perfect, cool summer day! We were welcomed home by my Mom and Step Dad….and ice cream!! They know me all too well!

Kyle started a new set of classes that night, but when he got home (10pm-ish!) we celebrated!! Kyle got me a cute little birthday cake and we ate the whole thing!!!DSC00696

Mmmm, I love birthday cake!! SmileDSC00697

We stayed up a little later than normal (for a week night anyway!) and just enjoyed each other’s company! My gift from Kyle was a suite down in Iowa City! We will use it for a little weekend get-away in September before an Iowa game. I love this man so much! 26 was a great year, I got pregnant and we had Adelyn! I have a feeling my 27th year will be even better! I’m so blessed with an amazing husband and a beautiful baby girl!DSC00700

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! PS we are still half way celebrating, we like to celebrate birthday weeks around here!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It’s my Mommy’s birthday today!! Winking smile DSC00688

We have spent the day napping, eating, and snapping a few pictures. Well that is what I did anyway! Mommy stays busy while I nap doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.DSC00690

She told me she sure is enjoying her day at home with me today and so am I! She is getting old too, she turned 27 today! Mommy and I are excited for Daddy to get home and celebrate tonight! DSC00693

Time to eat!


My sister, Wendi and I have birthdays very close! Mine in the 29th of August and her’s is September 2nd! This year my Mom had an idea to throw her a little surprise party. We did it a week early so she wouldn’t have a clue!

She came to town and hung out with me and Adelyn for a while on Saturday. Then my Mom called and needed some more cheese. So I had to run to the store and go down to Mom’s house early. And she really did need more cheese, it wasn’t just a ploy to get me down there and keep Wendi away! Worked like a charm!

We got our party hats on and got ready for her big surprise!DSC00671

Wendi arrived at Mom’s house and was surprised!! One friend arrived right when Wendi was getting there, so she was a little curious what was going on! But overall still surprised!DSC00674

It wasn’t a huge party, but still nice! Mainly family and a few friends! My Mom and Step Dad, Duane,…and of course Adelyn!DSC00673

Our friend Heidi came. This girl is a rock star, in a few weeks she’s going to be doing an Iron Man!! You go girl!!DSC00675

And our friend Melissa with her little girl Melora also. She is just a month older than Hayden. And I’m pretty sure Hayden is 6 inches taller, he’s such a big boy!!DSC00687

My sister and BIL also came for the night, but didn’t get a picture of them with Wendi. Mom and Duane made a great supper. They grilled some smoked chops, made cheesy potatoes, squash (first one from their garden!), and some fruit! Great summer meal!

After we were stuffed from supper we headed out to the back yard and Wendi opened her gifts!DSC00677

Hayden thought he needed to help Momma with her new gifts!! DSC00682

It was so cute to watch Hayden and Melora play together. I love this face that Melora makes!! So cute!!DSC00676

Sisters!! I have to say I’m slightly jealous, Mindi and Preston on vacation this week. They are spending their time off relaxing at Stef & Geoff’s lake house near Omaha. DSC00678

Hayden loves to run all over the yard. I think here he was trying to chew on some of Grandma’s plants before Uncle P quickly got him!DSC00679

It was an overall success! But….we learned Wendi isn’t a fan of surprises! So in the future we will make sure to just have a party, no surprises! SmileHappy early Birthday lil sis, we love you!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Broken Computer :(

I’m catching up on blogging. About two weeks ago our computer decided not to turn on anymore. We have a loaner one for a bit, so hold on tight while I catch up on what’s been going on in the Bangert family! Instead of scrolling through the blog you may click each link below to see our most recent posts.

Hope you enjoy catching up with our family!

Hand & Footprints

My Mom & Step Dad’s gift to us when Adelyn was born was to get her hand & footprints done on a plate. We finally got them done this week.

A high school friend of mine opened a pottery shop in my hometown a few years ago called From Miry Clay Pottery. He does an awesome job and is very talented!DSC00636

Adelyn did pretty well and cooperated when we wanted to spread her fingers out! Tyler always does 2 sets, just in case one breaks or if you wanted to give one to Grandparents, etc. DSC00639


By the time we were finishing with the 2nd plate Adelyn was ready to be done, as you can see here!DSC00642

Poor girl!! But I know this is something I will always treasure!! Such a great gift idea!!DSC00643

Tyler and his wife Laura have a little girl named Aubrey. She’ll be 3 next month and LOVED Adelyn. She wanted to help me buckle her in, Aubrey shared her dolly, and rocked Adelyn in the car seat. It was so sweet to watch them together! And Adelyn loves to watch little kids, they really catch her attention!DSC00647

This is Hayden’s plate when he was 4 weeks old! Adelyn’s will look fairly similar. It will take about 3 weeks to fire the plate and let it dry. I can’t wait to see the end result! I’ll make sure to share it with you. Unnamed

Girls, Girls, Girls!

After Adelyn’s appointment on Monday we had a play date with my good friend, Sara, and her 2 girls, Emma & Grace! Sara and I used to work together at the college and have stayed close friends ever since! This was the first time that we hung out with all the girls since Adelyn was born. I remember numerous conversations with Sara quite a few years ago about what it would be like once we had kids and families, look at us now! SmileDSC00595

We made our favorites that we used to have when we got together, alcohol free & calorie free margaritas & spinach artichoke dip!! The only difference was before we used to scrapbook when we got together, now we have our girls!! Emma suggested we do “cheers”! So cute!!! DSC00592

Grace loved baby Adelyn!! She is 8 months old today, she was a Christmas baby!IMG_1072

We enjoyed the afternoon together, catching up on our lives & families and enjoying time with our girls together!! Grace is such a happy, content little girl! It’s hard to imagine Adelyn being this big, but I know it will come faster than I think!DSC00594

Adelyn slept the majority of the time they were here (this was the same day she got her shots). But when we woke up we put her and Grace on the bed together and watched them interact! It was so fun to see them together!DSC00601


We always have such a great time when we get together, just need to do it more often!! Especially now that we both have girls who will eventually love playing with each other!

2 Month Appointment

Monday Adelyn had her 2 month “Well Baby” appointment, which meant shots. Sad smile The poor sweet thing had no clue what was coming. Daddy was sad because he had a meeting that couldn’t be re-scheduled so he had to miss the appointment. This was the first appointment he’s missed since I’ve been pregnant. DSC00583

Adelyn weighed exactly 13 pounds and was 24 1/4 inches long. So in 2 months she’s gained almost 3 pounds and great 2 1/4 inches!

Doctor said she looks great and is doing well. She had to get 3 shots at this appointment. The poor thing turned tomato red and cried like I’ve never heard. Momma had some tears too. My poor baby was in pain! I had a bottle ready and that helped soothe her quickly! Thankfully the rest of the afternoon Adelyn was just fine. I think it wore her out. She ended up napping from 4-7pm! DSC00587

Adelyn’s First Roadtrip

Last weekend Kyle, Adelyn, and I hopped in the car and headed west to Omaha to visit my sister & BIL, Stef & Geoff! Adelyn was a perfect little traveler, both on the way there & home. DSC00568

We hadn’t been there since Adelyn was born and wanted to make the trip before I went back to work. We also wanted to get there before summer was over because they live on a lake!!DSC00572

This was our view of Adelyn. We FINALLY got a mirror that will let us see her from the rearview mirror. I love it!! We tried a few others, but they just didn’t work well with our vehicle. DSC00574

Before we left town, we stopped to get Aunt Stef some of her favorite cookies! Needless to say my prego sister was very grateful, as was her hubby! SmileDSC00575

Stef had a great supper ready for us when we got there Friday night, stuffed peppers! It was a first time for us to try them and we liked them!! (I tend to be a bit picky!) We spent the evening catching up and talking all things baby. Stef & Geoff are expecting their first baby, due Jan. 9th!

Saturday morning us girls did a little shopping! I picked up a few great deals I couldn’t pass up for Adelyn! Stef’s friend, Michaela, and her little girl, Sophie, have been staying with them for a while. Sophie loved Adelyn. It was so cute to see them play. Adelyn was completely focused on Sophie anytime she was around. _DSC5696

Unfortunately Sophie got sick with the flu while we were there so we didn’t get to hang out with them as much as we would have liked to. Michaela was very thoughtful to keep Sophie away from Adelyn. Thankfully Adelyn didn’t get sick!

We did a little early birthday celebration for me while we were there. Stef made a family favorite, Oreo ice cream cake!_DSC5700

They even arranged the candles in a 2 & 7! Hard to believe I’m going to be 27!_DSC5701

I think year 27 is going to be a great one! I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, happy, baby girl! How could it not be great?!?!?_DSC5702

Once afternoon rolled around, we hit the water! Adelyn loved being in the boat! She didn’t love the life jacket so much though! She ended up napping on my lap almost the whole time!_DSC5704

Kyle did some wake boarding. He hadn’t done it for a few years, but he popped right up and did great!!_DSC5708

It was fun to watch him! And I’m pretty sure he was enjoying himself out there! I love being out on the water. Growing up it was a regular thing for my family. We even had a cabin on a lake for about 10 years or so. I hope Adelyn has the same love for the water that I did growing up!_DSC5717

We took a break from the boat for some food! _DSC5720

Adelyn loves to be outside! And it wasn’t too hot to be out and there was just enough shade! _DSC5735

Aunt Stef & Uncle Geoff got her this swimsuit while I was still pregnant. When Stef gave it to me I thought it seemed quite big, but worked great for my big girl! Smile_DSC5727


While us girls were relaxing in the yard, the boys were working hard! A piece on the boat lift broke, so they were busy working away to get it fixed. _DSC5740

After our afternoon in the sun we cleaned up and headed out for the evening. We went just a few short miles to downtown Omaha, the Old Market. It’s such a neat area in Omaha with lots of great places to check out. We were feeling a little spicy and went for Mexican food!DSC00577

Geoff will soon be doing the Dad thing, carrying the baby & diaper bag!! He’s going to be a great Dad, we are so excited for them!!DSC00578

The area that we ate was just gorgeous, dripping with fresh flowers & plants! Couldn't resist taking a family picture!DSC00580

This little couple will soon be a family of three!! Stef is 20 weeks right now and looking great!DSC00581

Sunday we had a lazy morning. Stef cooked us a nice breakfast and we took our time packing up before heading home._DSC5752

We had a great time with them and love that they live so close now. A few short years ago they were 19 hours away and now it’s less than 3!! I think Adelyn was ready to be done with pictures by this one or the sun was too bright! _DSC5758

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