Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Recap

Since my birthday fell on a Monday (a work day for Kyle) I spent the majority of the day with my sweet baby girl! I was A-ok with that too! Most years for my birthday I am work and it’s crazy busy. I welcomed the change this year. DSC00693

My sister Wendi stopped by on her lunch break bringing balloons and a gift!

DSC00702 DSC00703

Adelyn and I went for a run in the afternoon. It was a perfect, cool summer day! We were welcomed home by my Mom and Step Dad….and ice cream!! They know me all too well!

Kyle started a new set of classes that night, but when he got home (10pm-ish!) we celebrated!! Kyle got me a cute little birthday cake and we ate the whole thing!!!DSC00696

Mmmm, I love birthday cake!! SmileDSC00697

We stayed up a little later than normal (for a week night anyway!) and just enjoyed each other’s company! My gift from Kyle was a suite down in Iowa City! We will use it for a little weekend get-away in September before an Iowa game. I love this man so much! 26 was a great year, I got pregnant and we had Adelyn! I have a feeling my 27th year will be even better! I’m so blessed with an amazing husband and a beautiful baby girl!DSC00700

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! PS we are still half way celebrating, we like to celebrate birthday weeks around here!!!


  1. Does your husband have one brown and one blue eye? How neat.

  2. so fun! glad you had a great birthday!!


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