Monday, August 29, 2011


My sister, Wendi and I have birthdays very close! Mine in the 29th of August and her’s is September 2nd! This year my Mom had an idea to throw her a little surprise party. We did it a week early so she wouldn’t have a clue!

She came to town and hung out with me and Adelyn for a while on Saturday. Then my Mom called and needed some more cheese. So I had to run to the store and go down to Mom’s house early. And she really did need more cheese, it wasn’t just a ploy to get me down there and keep Wendi away! Worked like a charm!

We got our party hats on and got ready for her big surprise!DSC00671

Wendi arrived at Mom’s house and was surprised!! One friend arrived right when Wendi was getting there, so she was a little curious what was going on! But overall still surprised!DSC00674

It wasn’t a huge party, but still nice! Mainly family and a few friends! My Mom and Step Dad, Duane,…and of course Adelyn!DSC00673

Our friend Heidi came. This girl is a rock star, in a few weeks she’s going to be doing an Iron Man!! You go girl!!DSC00675

And our friend Melissa with her little girl Melora also. She is just a month older than Hayden. And I’m pretty sure Hayden is 6 inches taller, he’s such a big boy!!DSC00687

My sister and BIL also came for the night, but didn’t get a picture of them with Wendi. Mom and Duane made a great supper. They grilled some smoked chops, made cheesy potatoes, squash (first one from their garden!), and some fruit! Great summer meal!

After we were stuffed from supper we headed out to the back yard and Wendi opened her gifts!DSC00677

Hayden thought he needed to help Momma with her new gifts!! DSC00682

It was so cute to watch Hayden and Melora play together. I love this face that Melora makes!! So cute!!DSC00676

Sisters!! I have to say I’m slightly jealous, Mindi and Preston on vacation this week. They are spending their time off relaxing at Stef & Geoff’s lake house near Omaha. DSC00678

Hayden loves to run all over the yard. I think here he was trying to chew on some of Grandma’s plants before Uncle P quickly got him!DSC00679

It was an overall success! But….we learned Wendi isn’t a fan of surprises! So in the future we will make sure to just have a party, no surprises! SmileHappy early Birthday lil sis, we love you!!

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