Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cory & Nikki Tie the Knot

August 6th a co-worker of mine & Kyle’s and a high school friend got married. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding by the lake!DSC00505

The couple had great signs & directions to get to the wedding location! Even coordinating with the wedding colors! SmileDSC00513

I loved the doors the couple used to create an entry to the isle! They actually reminded me of the doors to the sanctary of the church I grew up in! Very fun!DSC00499

Nikki was of course a beautiful bride! Kyle and I both work with her at the college. She married Cory, who was a year behind me in school!DSC00500DSC00507

It was a hot August day and we felt bad to have Adelyn “cooking” in her carrier. So Kyle took her out and joined the other parents in the back in the much needed shade!DSC00506

We sat next to our friends, Mylie and Craig. They have 2 adorable kids, Goldie & Boe! Boe is just about a month older than Adelyn! They are just too cute! I love Boe’s hat! He looks just like his Daddy!

DSC00503 DSC00511

Check out Daddy’s sweat spot from where he was holding Adelyn! ha ha!DSC00512

We enjoyed our time at the reception! Or should I say we enjoyed the AC! Winking smile Adelyn took a bottle and was pretty content the whole time. I just love our little family of 3!!DSC00516

Had to sneak in a sister picture! I feel like I don’t see Wendi anymore. We work together and since maternity leave I only see her about once a week instead of every day. DSC00517

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