Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hand & Footprints

My Mom & Step Dad’s gift to us when Adelyn was born was to get her hand & footprints done on a plate. We finally got them done this week.

A high school friend of mine opened a pottery shop in my hometown a few years ago called From Miry Clay Pottery. He does an awesome job and is very talented!DSC00636

Adelyn did pretty well and cooperated when we wanted to spread her fingers out! Tyler always does 2 sets, just in case one breaks or if you wanted to give one to Grandparents, etc. DSC00639


By the time we were finishing with the 2nd plate Adelyn was ready to be done, as you can see here!DSC00642

Poor girl!! But I know this is something I will always treasure!! Such a great gift idea!!DSC00643

Tyler and his wife Laura have a little girl named Aubrey. She’ll be 3 next month and LOVED Adelyn. She wanted to help me buckle her in, Aubrey shared her dolly, and rocked Adelyn in the car seat. It was so sweet to watch them together! And Adelyn loves to watch little kids, they really catch her attention!DSC00647

This is Hayden’s plate when he was 4 weeks old! Adelyn’s will look fairly similar. It will take about 3 weeks to fire the plate and let it dry. I can’t wait to see the end result! I’ll make sure to share it with you. Unnamed

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