Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls!

After Adelyn’s appointment on Monday we had a play date with my good friend, Sara, and her 2 girls, Emma & Grace! Sara and I used to work together at the college and have stayed close friends ever since! This was the first time that we hung out with all the girls since Adelyn was born. I remember numerous conversations with Sara quite a few years ago about what it would be like once we had kids and families, look at us now! SmileDSC00595

We made our favorites that we used to have when we got together, alcohol free & calorie free margaritas & spinach artichoke dip!! The only difference was before we used to scrapbook when we got together, now we have our girls!! Emma suggested we do “cheers”! So cute!!! DSC00592

Grace loved baby Adelyn!! She is 8 months old today, she was a Christmas baby!IMG_1072

We enjoyed the afternoon together, catching up on our lives & families and enjoying time with our girls together!! Grace is such a happy, content little girl! It’s hard to imagine Adelyn being this big, but I know it will come faster than I think!DSC00594

Adelyn slept the majority of the time they were here (this was the same day she got her shots). But when we woke up we put her and Grace on the bed together and watched them interact! It was so fun to see them together!DSC00601


We always have such a great time when we get together, just need to do it more often!! Especially now that we both have girls who will eventually love playing with each other!

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