Thursday, August 25, 2011


Adelyn has started to enjoy her gym mat a lot more these days. She will hit the toys and is really starting to focus on the lights & sounds. She will lay on it for a good 20 minutes and be entertained! DSC00518

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Adelyn will fall asleep in our bed after her morning feeding. Well one morning I found our pup Abby curled up right up next to her. It was so sweet!DSC00521

A few Friday’s ago Adelyn & I met my junior high bestie, Tawny, for lunch at our favorite local Mexican restaurant! Tawny is pregnant and due in January, so of course our lunch was all things baby & prego talk!! Love this girl and I’m so excited for her and Clayton. They will be great parents!DSC00522

Our friends Kim & Steve’s lil guy, Garrett, turned 2 this month! So Adelyn got to go to her first birthday party! Garrett just got a baby brother Reece. Garrett was so sweet to Adelyn, he knew to be gentle & quiet with her!DSC00565

We got Garrett the Woody doll and first thing he looked at was his boot to see if it said Andy. Nope! Kim said they’re going to put Garrett’s name on Woody’s boot!IMG_4452

Great Grandma DeWall stopped in for a visit! She even got to give Adelyn a bottle while she was here! Adelyn is blessed to have 3 Great Grandparents!DSC00566

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