Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Month Appointment

Monday Adelyn had her 2 month “Well Baby” appointment, which meant shots. Sad smile The poor sweet thing had no clue what was coming. Daddy was sad because he had a meeting that couldn’t be re-scheduled so he had to miss the appointment. This was the first appointment he’s missed since I’ve been pregnant. DSC00583

Adelyn weighed exactly 13 pounds and was 24 1/4 inches long. So in 2 months she’s gained almost 3 pounds and great 2 1/4 inches!

Doctor said she looks great and is doing well. She had to get 3 shots at this appointment. The poor thing turned tomato red and cried like I’ve never heard. Momma had some tears too. My poor baby was in pain! I had a bottle ready and that helped soothe her quickly! Thankfully the rest of the afternoon Adelyn was just fine. I think it wore her out. She ended up napping from 4-7pm! DSC00587

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  1. She's so cute!! We go this week for Hudson's 2 month check up. (yes, it's a little late!)


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