Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adelyn’s First Roadtrip

Last weekend Kyle, Adelyn, and I hopped in the car and headed west to Omaha to visit my sister & BIL, Stef & Geoff! Adelyn was a perfect little traveler, both on the way there & home. DSC00568

We hadn’t been there since Adelyn was born and wanted to make the trip before I went back to work. We also wanted to get there before summer was over because they live on a lake!!DSC00572

This was our view of Adelyn. We FINALLY got a mirror that will let us see her from the rearview mirror. I love it!! We tried a few others, but they just didn’t work well with our vehicle. DSC00574

Before we left town, we stopped to get Aunt Stef some of her favorite cookies! Needless to say my prego sister was very grateful, as was her hubby! SmileDSC00575

Stef had a great supper ready for us when we got there Friday night, stuffed peppers! It was a first time for us to try them and we liked them!! (I tend to be a bit picky!) We spent the evening catching up and talking all things baby. Stef & Geoff are expecting their first baby, due Jan. 9th!

Saturday morning us girls did a little shopping! I picked up a few great deals I couldn’t pass up for Adelyn! Stef’s friend, Michaela, and her little girl, Sophie, have been staying with them for a while. Sophie loved Adelyn. It was so cute to see them play. Adelyn was completely focused on Sophie anytime she was around. _DSC5696

Unfortunately Sophie got sick with the flu while we were there so we didn’t get to hang out with them as much as we would have liked to. Michaela was very thoughtful to keep Sophie away from Adelyn. Thankfully Adelyn didn’t get sick!

We did a little early birthday celebration for me while we were there. Stef made a family favorite, Oreo ice cream cake!_DSC5700

They even arranged the candles in a 2 & 7! Hard to believe I’m going to be 27!_DSC5701

I think year 27 is going to be a great one! I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, happy, baby girl! How could it not be great?!?!?_DSC5702

Once afternoon rolled around, we hit the water! Adelyn loved being in the boat! She didn’t love the life jacket so much though! She ended up napping on my lap almost the whole time!_DSC5704

Kyle did some wake boarding. He hadn’t done it for a few years, but he popped right up and did great!!_DSC5708

It was fun to watch him! And I’m pretty sure he was enjoying himself out there! I love being out on the water. Growing up it was a regular thing for my family. We even had a cabin on a lake for about 10 years or so. I hope Adelyn has the same love for the water that I did growing up!_DSC5717

We took a break from the boat for some food! _DSC5720

Adelyn loves to be outside! And it wasn’t too hot to be out and there was just enough shade! _DSC5735

Aunt Stef & Uncle Geoff got her this swimsuit while I was still pregnant. When Stef gave it to me I thought it seemed quite big, but worked great for my big girl! Smile_DSC5727


While us girls were relaxing in the yard, the boys were working hard! A piece on the boat lift broke, so they were busy working away to get it fixed. _DSC5740

After our afternoon in the sun we cleaned up and headed out for the evening. We went just a few short miles to downtown Omaha, the Old Market. It’s such a neat area in Omaha with lots of great places to check out. We were feeling a little spicy and went for Mexican food!DSC00577

Geoff will soon be doing the Dad thing, carrying the baby & diaper bag!! He’s going to be a great Dad, we are so excited for them!!DSC00578

The area that we ate was just gorgeous, dripping with fresh flowers & plants! Couldn't resist taking a family picture!DSC00580

This little couple will soon be a family of three!! Stef is 20 weeks right now and looking great!DSC00581

Sunday we had a lazy morning. Stef cooked us a nice breakfast and we took our time packing up before heading home._DSC5752

We had a great time with them and love that they live so close now. A few short years ago they were 19 hours away and now it’s less than 3!! I think Adelyn was ready to be done with pictures by this one or the sun was too bright! _DSC5758

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  1. YAY! You found a mirror that works! :)
    ....and do I see Larita's cookies...and to top it off ice cream cone cut outs!!?? Doesn't get much better than THAT!! Talk about hog heaven! =) mmm!


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