Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow Day

February 20th we had a big snowstorm and my work ended up cancelling. Hooray for a free day off!
Avery was sad that sissy got to go outside and he didn’t…
…so we bundled him up and pulled him around the back yard on his sled! He didn’t love it, but he also didn’t hate it! ha!
Adelyn, however, loved helping Daddy scoop snow!
Then her & Daddy made ‘frosty’! She said hi to him daily…until he melted! ha!

Valentines Day

Valentines Day this year was fun! Adelyn was even more into it than last year and enjoyed helping get her valentines ready for her friends. We used a free printable from Pinterest that said “Valentine, you are extraSTRAW special”. I sized the printable down a bit, used Wilton pretzel bags, and straws from the party favor section at Target. Adelyn still talks about her Valentine straws! Avery took applesauce squeeze pouches with a tag that read “Thanks for being awesome-sauce” Ha!
We also got some special valentine cookies for their teachers from our local favorite bakery, Laritas! Adelyn was pretty excited about the balloon that Mark & Kathy brought her the day before! She also had a blast going through all her Valentines from all her friends! By the time we went through them all once, she was able to tell Daddy when he got home which one was from which friend!
Kyle had to work late on Valentines day. The kids and I got a Papa Murphys heart shaped pizza for $8 to make the evening a little extra special!
I love a good comparison! Here is a Adelyn in the same exact outfit – 2013 vs 2014! Crazy how much she has changed and grown up in just a year. {please slow down sweet girl!}
Saturday was a fun mail day and the kids had a good time opening their Valentine cards from Great Grandma DeWall!

Omaha for the Weekend

I had been working over Christmas break to get all of Avery’s baby stuff packed up and organized. Stef will be definitely be needing it with 2 of 3 babies on the way being boys. Adelyn and I packed up and headed to Omaha to take a load. And boy were we loaded down!
Before we got to Aunt Stef’s house we stopped to say ‘hi’ to Aunt Wendi at work. It was fun to see where she spends the majority of her day.
The kids had fun playing throughout the weekend while I helped Stef get the closet organized in the triplets’ nursery. We also did a few decorating projects and I cooked for them.
This girl sure loves her Aunt Stef! <3
It was a fun productive weekend! Since we aren’t close I wanted to spend some time helping Stef get ready for the triplets. Crazy to think they are going from 1 to 4 kids!

February Randomness

My “super Avery”! so much cuteness!!!
Everyone’s fav time of day – when Daddy gets home!
there are no words!! lol! big baby – little stroller! ha!
Playing in Avery’s crib before bed! They love to play in each other’s bed!
Mark & Kathy came over for supper to celebrate Valentines Day! Adelyn’s face totally cracks me up! They sure love their {auntie} Kathy! <3
Adelyn was showing me her chicken dance moves! Ha!
Sweet girl napping with her babies! {she was pretending!}
My one & only Valentine – for the 15th year and many, many more to come!
Hot cocoa with Daddy! Adelyn wasn’t into it too much tho!
Bath time, one of their favorite things!
After we got Avery’s 1 year pictures done we had lunch at Wendys with Gma Cindy & Gpa Duane! Love all the smiles in these pictures!
Adelyn showing off her ElleOllie dress! I got this for her last year and was thankful we got 2 winters worth of wear out of it, so cute!
Baking with my best girl! She LOVES to help in the kitchen and I love having her right beside me, she really is a great helper! {btw we made kit kat cookies, delish!}
Our local party store offered 20% the entire store the month of February, so I took advantage of it and stocked up on Sophia the First party supplies for Adelyn’s 3rd birthday party {in June}! She wasn’t excited about them at all! ha!

Monday, April 14, 2014

January Randomness

Once again, I’m playing catch up! Here are a few snapshots of our sweeties from the first month of 2014!
Avery LOVES to go in the bathroom, so much so, that we have to keep the door closed because he is not allowed in there un-supervised!
Adelyn & Mommy enjoying a before bed ice cream snack!
My sweet, sleeping babies!
Avery thinks its pretty cool to play in sissy’s big girl bed!
Teething bites!
Mama & her babies – can ya tell Avery wasn’t 100% – he ended up throwing up the next 24 hours.
He was back to normal before we knew it though and into all kinds of mischief!
Such a messy eater!
Date night with my handsome hubby! We went out for Mexican with Chris & Sarah – good times!
Kyle is quite the chef, he’s perfected his Simple Simon’s {copycat} calzone, delish!
Adelyn thought Avery needed a “check up”!
Avery sure loves his sissy and it sure makes my heart happy to see them interact and play like this!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Craft Day with Sara

One of my best friends, Sara, and I decided instead of exchanging Christmas presents this year we we would spend the money on craft supplies and get together to have a craft day together! It was the best idea we’ve had! Quality time with one of my best girls and crafting; doesn’t get much better! We didn’t get together till a weekend in February, but it worked perfect because the busy-ness of the holidays and the craziness at my job in January was all over with! {note: we were at my sister’s house and she was in denial that Christmas was over and hadn’t got her decorations down yet…j/k she wasn’t in denial}

We had some fun snacks and alcohol free/calorie free margaritas and crafted for a good 6 hours!
Our first project was some burlap door hangers! Sara saw this at a friend’s house and then we looked over pinterest and thought it would be a good project to do together. I made an elephant for Avery’s party {which is now hanging in his room} and an “I” for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Sara made a few last name initials for gifts and an “I” also. I love how they turned out and want to do more!
Our other project was the paper wheels I had around at Avery’s party. And we finished up our day with a few random items.
That same weekend I was still in the crafting mode and did a simple project to add to our bathroom d├ęcor. I printed a few “printables” from Pinterest, matted them with some cute paper, and framed them for our bathroom! Love how they turned out!IMG_3224
Our next weekend together will hopefully be shopping! We had such a great time and I can see this becoming our new tradition!

Avery Turns One: Party People

Avery’s party was quite different in guest attendance than Adelyn’s first birthday party, but still special nonetheless! Aunt Wendi & Hayen got sick, so they couldn’t come. Aunt Stef wasn’t allowed to travel since she’s expecting triplets so Barton’s weren’t there and Kyle’s sister from Chicago weren’t coming until a few weeks later.
Love my family so! <3IMG_6786
Grandma Cindy & Grandpa DuaneIMG_6755
Uncle Preston & Aunt MindiIMG_6779
Grandma Sharon & Grandpa JimIMG_6756
Grandpa SteveIMG_6758
Great Grandma DonnaIMG_6777
Great Grandma DeWallIMG_6767
Great Grampo – Avery’s saying “look I have more hair than Grampo” ha! <3
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate our sweet Avery!
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