Sunday, April 13, 2014

Craft Day with Sara

One of my best friends, Sara, and I decided instead of exchanging Christmas presents this year we we would spend the money on craft supplies and get together to have a craft day together! It was the best idea we’ve had! Quality time with one of my best girls and crafting; doesn’t get much better! We didn’t get together till a weekend in February, but it worked perfect because the busy-ness of the holidays and the craziness at my job in January was all over with! {note: we were at my sister’s house and she was in denial that Christmas was over and hadn’t got her decorations down yet…j/k she wasn’t in denial}

We had some fun snacks and alcohol free/calorie free margaritas and crafted for a good 6 hours!
Our first project was some burlap door hangers! Sara saw this at a friend’s house and then we looked over pinterest and thought it would be a good project to do together. I made an elephant for Avery’s party {which is now hanging in his room} and an “I” for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Sara made a few last name initials for gifts and an “I” also. I love how they turned out and want to do more!
Our other project was the paper wheels I had around at Avery’s party. And we finished up our day with a few random items.
That same weekend I was still in the crafting mode and did a simple project to add to our bathroom d├ęcor. I printed a few “printables” from Pinterest, matted them with some cute paper, and framed them for our bathroom! Love how they turned out!IMG_3224
Our next weekend together will hopefully be shopping! We had such a great time and I can see this becoming our new tradition!

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