Monday, November 12, 2012

Hawkeye Game at the Bush’s

The first Hawkeye game this season was an away game and it just so happened they were airing it on a station we don’t get with our cable package. Our friends, Brandon & Brittany, were so kind to invite us over for the afternoon to watch the game!

Brandon & Brittany have 2 little boys. Brody is going on 2 (just about 6 months older than Adelyn) and Brayden was born late May this year. Brody and Adelyn are good little buddies, so they didn’t mind an afternoon play date!IMG_3290

They even convinced Kyle to read them a book (during half time of course)!


The seriousness in this picture makes me laugh!


We told Brody to put his arm around Adelyn…she wasn’t sure what to think of that!


We all had a fun afternoon! The game was a nail biter, but thankfully the Hawks pulled out a win! And these two friends had a good time! Adelyn calls Brody “Bro Bro” and Brody calls Adelyn “Adwin”! Adorable!!


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  1. I miss these little sweet peas! They are growing up too fast!


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