Saturday, August 18, 2012

Twin Lakes Triathlon

Throughout the month of July Kyle had been running and biking almost daily. He had been toying around with the idea of signing up for a local triathlon, but then one day a friend texted him and asked if he wanted to join their team. Perfect!

He teamed up with our friends Brandon & Brittney and together they did the Twin Lakes Half Distance Olympic Triathlon the 1st Saturday in August.

I think the most impressive part is that Brittney had a baby 8 weeks ago. She did the swimming leg of the race, 750 meters! Kyle was already in the transition area waiting for Brittney while Brandon & I waited for her to come across the lake. We thought for sure she was in the last “chunk” of people coming that we had our eyes on and all the sudden Brandon says “there’s Britt” and we raced to the transition area. We almost missed her! She sprinted to the transition area to let Kyle take over the next leg of the race. IMG_3073

Kyle did the biking portion of the race. He biked a 20K, 12.4 miles, which was 2 laps around the lake.


This meant we got to see Kyle mid way through the ride! Brittney, Adelyn, & I went up to road to cheer him on as he went by! Can you see the storm brewing in the background?!?!


Kyle finished the biking portion with a great time!


He headed into the transition area and sent Brandon on his way to finish the triathlon!


Brandon did the running portion of the race, 5K, 3.1 miles. He finished on the opposite side of the lake. So Kyle, Brittney, Adelyn, and I hopped in the car and cheered on Brandon on our way over to the finish line.


Adelyn had some snacks to keep her entertained! She did so well the whole race!


Brandon finished with a great time and together the team finished with a time of 1 hour 20 minutes 38 seconds…good enough for 3rd place!!!!!! I was so proud of Kyle & our friends!!


They served breakfast afterwards, thankfully it was moved inside because it down poured!

Way to go Team B! {the B because both of our last names start with a “B”!}


These guys are so fired up they already signed up for another triathlon in September! Can’t wait to cheer you guys on again!!

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