Friday, August 31, 2012

New (to us) Swing Set

A few weeks ago we picked up a new swing set, but we didn’t pay a dime for it! A co worker of Kyle’s gave it to us! We are so thankful because we know these aren’t cheap! Kyle just had to go to their house, disassemble it, and bring it to our house and re-assemble!
I forgot to take a picture when he was done, but it also has a big yellow slide and a nice platform. We replaced the rings with a baby swing for Adelyn. It does need some sort of finish or stain on the wood, but hey for free, we can handle that!
While Daddy was busy working on the swing set, us girls went on a wagon ride…even Abby went along! Look closely at Abby…she’s sticking her tongue out!
Adelyn just loves her puppy! The older she gets I think she loves her more! And I think, for the most part, Abby loves Adelyn too! We walked in the house from daycare yesterday and Abby was so excited to see Adelyn she was jumping all over her and Adelyn just giggled!
We only made half way around the block before Abby jumped out of the wagon. Luckily she’s a good dog and stayed close for the rest of our walk!


  1. Awesome deal! I've debated on if we will get a swing set or not, but those things are definitely not cheap like you mentioned!

  2. I'm so jealous of that swing set! Hudson does the same thing Adelyn does with Oliver. They are starting to play more together and he just laughs so hard around him. So fun!

  3. So Great that Adelyn & Abby are buddies! Love it!

  4. Adelyn and Abby look so cute together! They seem to be really excited about their new swing set. You must be really grateful that it was given to you. I wish you could’ve shared a photo afterwards. You can always do that next time, right? :D


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