Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicago Trip

The last weekend in July Kyle, Adelyn, & I made the drive to Chicago to see Kyle’s sister, Mel,  & her husband, Steve. We also got to see Kyle’s younger sister Laura because she lives with Mel & Steve!
Adelyn was a wonderful traveler! This was the longest car ride she has been on in her life. We have done the less than 3 hour trip to my sister’s house multiple times & for the most part, she does really well. But Chicago is over 5 hours, but she did great! We actually didn’t even have to stop! We packed supper, ate on the road, and she was snoozing in her car seat before 6pm. IMG00554-20120726-1941
It was Thursday evening when we got there. We just spent the evening catching up and planning our weekend ahead. Friday was dedicated to shopping! We went to an outlet mall about 45 minutes from their house. Kyle’s favorite there is the Under Armour outlet!
That night we grilled out and stayed in. It also happened to be opening night for the Olympics so we spent lots of time over the weekend getting our fill on the Olympics!
Saturday was a chill day. We did a little shopping and then had lunch at Chik-fil-a {yum!}!ResizedImage951343499671805
That afternoon we decided to get in a workout! Kyle ran, Mel roller bladed, & Steve and I biked. They have a great trail very close to their house, perfect spot to burn some calories! Laura stayed home with Adelyn.
Afterwards everyone fell asleep…except me! Check out their big couch…family nap time!IMG_2979
Before supper we got in some play time in the back yard. Uncle Steve was a pro at airplane rides!IMG_2981
Aunt Mel had a great idea to get the hose out for Adelyn to play with!
Daddy let her take over…
Can you see the pride in her face? Such a big girl!
This just cracks me up!
Silly girl!
Daddy thought it would be funny to try and spray Mommy! I love Adelyn’s expression here!
My favorite picture from the weekend!
Aunt Mel showing her how to run through the water! As I’m sure you can guess, her diaper was HEAVY by the end of her playing in the water!
Once we got her all cleaned up & a lighter diaper we all piled in the car and went out for supper.
We moved Adelyn’s car seat to their vehicle for the weekend. They have middle bucket seats and then the 3rd row bench seat, it actually worked out really well.
We decided on Sweet Baby Rays for supper! Can’t go wrong with BBQ!
Adelyn wasn’t too excited about sitting in the high chair, so thankfully Aunt Mel helped keep her entertained! Adelyn even brought me back a flower!IMG_3046
With full tummies we headed back to their house to get our little one in bed, catch some olympics, and then head out again to….MENCHIES!!! This is, by far, my FAVORITE self serve fro yo place! We first went while we were in Florida a few years ago.
The Chicago location recently opened so Mel & Steve hadn’t been yet. IMG_3059
As expected, they were fans of Menchies! They even been back multiple times and Mel got it for her birthday treats at work!
Funny boys!
Sunday we packed up and headed home to make it back at a good time. We always enjoy our trips to Chicago! Kyle will be headed back this fall to cheer on the Hawkeyes when they’re in town!


  1. Looks like a great trip! Playing with the hose can be so much fun!

  2. I love all the pictures of her playing with the hose, such innocent fun! glad to hear everyone had a wonderful time!

  3. Looks like a fun trip! The pictures of A with the hose are hysterical!

  4. Looks like you guys had a funfilled weekend!! Love all the pics of Adelyn and the hose:) We still need to try Menchies!!!


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