Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hi everyone! Its 5am and I’ve been wide away for an hour, so I decided to blog! I have a few random pictures over the past few weeks that I thought I’d throw into one post. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago my Mom came over & helped us freeze corn. We did 4 dozen which I thought seemed like SO much, but I have a feeling its not going to make it through the winter!IMG_3132

Abby sure enjoyed the “extras”! She didn’t leave their feet for one minute! (This was the day after Kyle’s triathlon…notice the number written on his leg? Yep, they wrote it in permanent marker, took FOREVER to come off!)IMG_3135

Adelyn LOVES to give kisses! I had to get a picture of this! Her kisses are big, wet, open mouth kisses and we love them! We’re still working on the pucker part!


The other weekend after Adelyn’s nap she walked into the kitchen with these two things in her hands: her swimsuit & a swim diaper. I think it was a hint! Since the majority of the summer has been scorching hot we’ve swam in our back yard pool every weekend. Well lately we’ve had quite the cool down and on this particular day it was barely 70 degree, hardly pool weather! Kyle & I were cracking up that she exactly what to bring us, smart little girl!


Last weekend I made a pasta bake for supper and as you can see Adelyn loved it! Good thing it was bath night!



  1. Daddy sure looks happy to be receiving kisses from his sweet girl, love that! And how cute that she brought you her suit and swim diaper. I particularly like how she's carrying her suit. :)

  2. Pearson gives super wet kisses too. How does Adelyn do with the spoon? I still haven't given one to Pearson yet. I should probably get on that or he will be eating with his fingers forever. Ha!

  3. Wow that's a lot of corn! Hudson is still figuring out a spoon. It is so much messier when we try it!

  4. Oh my goodness! That last picture is especially hysterical!
    Love it!!!!


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