Thursday, August 2, 2012

Omaha Weekend

Adelyn, Kyle, & I headed to Omaha Friday night afternoon after work. Hayden & Wendi weren’t far behind us! We hadn’t been to Stef & Geoff’s yet during the summer to enjoy the lake, so we marked the weekend on our calendar & made it happen!

Adelyn did so well on the trip there {its about 3 hours}. It was past bedtime when we got to Stef & Geoff’s, so Adelyn hit the hay and I hit the pavement for a run around the lake! Stef got called to sub on a league volleyball team last minute, so she wasn’t home when we got there.

Kyle woke up bright & early Saturday morning and ran around the airport (11+ miles)! When he got back us girls left the kiddos with the boys and we hit up a garage sale in a really nice part of town. I got a lot of nice things for Adelyn, $2 Nike shocks, $2 GAP skinny jeans (new w/tags!), etc! Love me a good garage sale!

Our friends Mark & Jenna, from KC, drove up to hang out with us for the day. It was a nice meeting point where we could hang out & didn’t have to drive 4 1/2+ hrs! It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, so we hit the lake!

Hayden was ready to go swimming! He actually did really well, I’m excited for Adelyn to be big enough next year to use those kind of arm floaties. She does NOT like being restricted in a floatie she has to sit in.

July Fun 071

Love this sweet girl…and that belly!

July Fun 072

Trying to get a cousins pic in the water! Like I said Adelyn insisted on being in the water without a floatie, she was just content to float and let me hold her around the chest, made me more on edge though!

July Fun 080

Lily, on the other hand, LOVES her floatie! Its so cute to watch her kick those legs and she just bounces in the water! Looks like Hayden is up to no good!

July Fun 085

After some swimming we went to Stef’s neighbors’ and borrowed their paddle boards. Hayden even had a spot to sit! So fun!



While Stef, Hayden, & Wendi were out on the paddle boards, Jenna & I had some good girl talk and got some rays! So thankful her & Mark came by for the afternoon!


I decided to give paddle boarding a try!


It was SO fun and a good workout! Can’t wait to do this again when we go back to Stef & Geoff’s!


After paddle boarding we broke out the sprinklers!


Aunt Stef had to show Hayden what to do, but then he quickly got the hang of it!


After our fun afternoon in the sun & water the kiddos took a nap and us girls did some shopping!

Mark & Jenna headed out to spend some time with some of their family who also lives in Omaha. And we had an amazing supper! Stef & Geoff made some amazing ribs & we had some delicious IA sweet corn!

The next morning Geoff noticed some little toy army guys on the front steps. So we all had to go outside & check it out! There were small American flags in their landscaping, confetti & army guys along the side walk, this message on the driveway, and a random wooden bird in the tree.


They never did figure it out while we were there. We all were wondering if someone got the wrong house! Come to find out, it was some of their friends…but I’m still not sure what it all means!

The kiddos took advantage of our early morning outside and went for a wagon ride! Love sweet Lily, she is growing too fast!!

July Fun 088

Two of my most favorite little girls! I know they are going to be best buds!

July Fun 092

Hayden & Wendi were asleep when we first came outside, but when they woke up to an empty house they came out as well. Hayden decided he wanted to take the girls on a ride!

July Fun 094

This just cracks me up…Lily didn’t want to share her wagon! Something else I have to say, its crazy that these 3 cousins are from 3 of us sisters, who all look alike, and our kids look nothing like us, they all look like their Daddies! We’re hoping #2 will have more Grettenberg {maiden name} genes!

July Fun 098

Hayden says, “Yiyi, what’s wrong?”

July Fun 101

As always, we had a great time in Omaha! Hope to make another visit before the summer comes to a close!


  1. Looks like a blast! How great that you all have kids close to the same age. That last picture is adorable, poor girl wanted the wagon all to herself.

  2. What a fun time! 11 miles! Wow...I need to get on the ball...after rush! Adelyn is such a cutie - our babies are growing up too fast! Missing you all!

  3. What a fun time! 11 miles! Wow...I need to get on the ball...after rush! Adelyn is such a cutie - our babies are growing up too fast! Missing you all!


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