Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yep! We’re pregnant!

First of all, thank you for all your sweet comments on our Wordless Wednesday post last week! We are so excited to become a family of 4!

Finding out I was pregnant this time was SO different than when I found out I was pregnant with Adelyn. Last time as soon as I was a week late I just knew I was pregnant.  We had been trying for about 5ish months (which I know isn’t long at all!) and finally my “monthly visit” didn’t show up! This time I didn’t catch on to those “clues” so quickly!

WARNING: this post has some girly related info that may be too much for some you. You’ve been warned!

Here’s the background: I nursed Adelyn for 1 year and never got my period. I just finished in June. I haven’t got my period back since then. I finished the mini pill (the birth control you take while nursing) in June and because it did take a few months for us to get pregnant the first time we decided for me not to go on the regular pill when I was done. The month of July I was spot on eating my calories to a “T” everyday and working out about 4-5 days/week. I lost 7lbs that month and for some reason my pants were getting tighter. And lastly, about once a week I got all on flu sick for a whole day and then I’d be fine the rest of the week. Didn’t really think anything of it, just thought I had a nasty bug I couldn’t ditch.

Around the 1st of August I would joke with Kyle, you know I should buy a pregnancy test, he was always like “nah” you’re fine. I even joked with some of my staff at work about it. I really didn’t think I could be pregnant already. Getting sick once a week didn’t really make sense to be “morning sickness” and I wasn’t ever sick when I was pregnant with Adelyn. About a week later we ordered in lunch at work ‘cause we were pretty busy. I ate my sandwich & got this horrible feeling…needless to say it didn’t stay in my stomach. That afternoon I left work, bought a pregnancy test, and waited until Kyle & Adelyn got home to test.

That is another different between this pregnancy & my 1st one, I bought a test without Kyle knowing last time and surprised him. This time he was in the loop! So I took the test when Kyle got home from work on the night of August 6th and waited the 2 minutes in the hall for my results with my little family. Thinking it would be negative (not sure why I thought this…all signs showed otherwise) we walked into our bathroom together and saw those 2 little lines and I said “Kyle, its positive, we’re pregnant!” I took another test the next morning to be for sure and another positive. IMG_3286

We’re going to be a family of 4!

The first step at the OB office I go to is go in to the lab and get blood drawn to confirm the pregnancy. I did that the same week and of course it was positive!

The next week we went in for what’s called your “nurse visit”. You don’t see the doctor, you only meet with a nurse and you answer about a million questions. Luckily it was quick since we were there not too long ago with Adelyn! You also have to have 5 viles of blood drawn at that appointment (I don’t do well with blood draws….but I’m getting better!). At that appointment you also schedule your first appointment with the doctor for when you’re 12 weeks. Well because I hadn’t had a period I had no way to know how far along I was. For some reason this took a while for the nurses to figure out…in fact it took us explaining it to 3 different nurses for them to figure out that we needed an ultra sound to date the pregnancy. Evidentially we’re weird! ha!

We were able to schedule our ultra sound for the very next morning, August 14th! Kyle was guessing I was 8 weeks, but I was thinking less than that, like 6 weeks or so. The ultra sound tech got our sweet, tiny baby on the screen and to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t just a little bean. Our baby had a distinct head, body, arms, legs…in the back of my head I was thinking: wow, I’m much further along than 6 weeks! She did some measuring and I wiped the tears away (still emotional the 2nd time around!) she told us I was 10 weeks, 5 days and estimated my due date as March 7th! Wow! I almost skipped the entire 1st trimester. Well I didn’t skip it…but you know what I mean! After that morning, it was more real than ever, we’re going to have another baby!


We feel so blessed and our hearts are swelling!


  1. I totally cried reading the part about y'all looking at the test together! I'm so excited for y'all!!! It's fun to have a friend doing the 2U2 with!

  2. Congrats!!! SO happy for you all!

  3. That is so exciting! I am so excited for you guys!

  4. I'm so happy for you guys! Such a blessing!

  5. Congrats and happy womb reading.

  6. AW, so happy for you guys!! I betcha it's going to be a boy beings you're sick this time around! ;) We'll see!! Adelyn's gonna be such an awesome big sister!!!


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