Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sharing the news, round 2!

Because I was already so far along in my pregnancy we felt it was safe to begin sharing the news with family. We shared the news with Kyle’s parents on Sunday August 19th after church. Kyle said he needed his Dad’s help setting up Adelyn’s new swing set. A good ploy to get them to come over! We had Adelyn come outside with her big sister shirt on to make the announcement to them.

My sister Stef had already set up a skype date for that same afternoon, so we shared the news with her, Geoff, & Lily that day as well. While we were on skype we sent them the picture below to make our announcement! Needless to say, they were so happy for us! Becoming Mom’s has really brought my sister, Stef & I closer and I’m so thankful for that!


We also had a movie night set up with my Mom & step Dad set up for the next day (Monday Aug 20th), so we knew that would be the perfect time to tell them. Last time it was like pulling teeth to get everyone together for supper, so they I think they all wondered if we had news to share. Yet another difference between the 2 pregnancies! Notice Adelyn’s shirt in the picture above? That is the shirt we had her wear to share the news with both Kyle’s parents & my parents as well!

Wendi and Hayden came for the movie night too, but she already knew. Wendi and I take a boot camp class together at work over our lunch hour. Because I had already been working out, I wanted to continue while I was pregnant. Well one day the week before it was just too much and I had to run out of the class and throw up. She came to check on my to make sure I was ok and said “Are you pregnant?”. My response “Yep!” She was shocked!

We also skyped with Kyle’s sister, Mel, her husband, Steve, and their other sister, Laura that same Monday. We shared the news with them and also Kyle’s Grandma using the same picture we used to tell my sister Stef (pictured above). We still had more family to share the news with though!

My sister, Mindi, and her husband Preston were on vacation in Colorado for 10 days, I was just assuming we’d tell them when they got home the following week. But she happened to call me while Preston was hiking and she was taking it easy. The call started out with “how are you doing/feeling?” And of course I think right away she already knows. I quickly instant message Kyle (we work at the same place) to make sure he’s ok that I tell her over the phone. He was ok with it, so I spilled the beans! I was bummed to not tell her in person, but also glad she knew, I didn’t want her to find out from someone else. And she didn’t already know, I was just paranoid by her questions!

We had a dinner date set up with my Dad and Grandma for Thursday. My Dad called last minute and wasn’t able to come because he was ill. I was bummed, but it ended up being a special evening with just my Grandma. She was very happy for us and we had a great visit.

After all our family knew we began telling our close friends! A few of my girlfriends caught on to some of the signs I didn’t catch onto so quickly and said they wondered! I think our friend Kathy gets the award for the best reaction. Her and husband Mark were on vacation in FL when we began sharing the news so we wanted to tell them ASAP so they heard it from us! They brought pizza over for supper one night and before we sat down to eat I said “Kathy, I need to show you what I got in the mail.” I came back in the kitchen with Adelyn’s {sheshemade} big sister shirt!IMG_3285

Kathy just squealed with excitement and gave me a BIG hug! Mark & Kathy are dear friends who we look up to so much and are like Adelyn’s {adopted} Grandparents, they love her SO much! In fact, Mark always jokes that he’s going to take her home when they leave!

And finally we shared the news with the rest of the world (FB & blog land) with this picture!

bIg sister


  1. How fun! I love all the ways you shared the news; I think that is one of the best parts in the journey, is getting everyone's reactions. I am so jealous that you basically bypassed the first trimester and didn't even know! Lucky girl. :)

  2. I love the priceless picture!!! Such a cute idea!

  3. Toooooo cute! Congratulations :)


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