Sunday, June 17, 2012

First B-Day Party: Gifts

Everyone brought Adelyn lots of nice gifts! We feel so blessed to have such generous family & friends! Since Adelyn has SO many toys {pre-birthday} some of our family decided to give to her college fund, we LOVED that idea!

Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Jim, & Great Grandma DeWall gave Adelyn this Radio Flyer wagon! I’m sure it will be taken on LOTS of walks this summer. Aunt Mel & Uncle Steve gave her the UV protective canopy for the wagon.


“Wow, are all those gifts for me?”


“I’m SO excited!”


Leap Frog picnic basket from her 2 cousins who couldn’t make it. This was her favorite the whole time she was opening gifts!


She helped un wrap in the beginning, but quickly lost interest and just wanted to play with her new toys!


Mark & Jenna gave Adelyn this cute outfit {appropriate Hawkeye colors!}, a lil piggy book, and an ice cream toy.



Not sure what caught her attention about this card, but the picture just cracks me up! The cell phone & a first words book were from Mike & Mindy.


Adelyn got a kickball & 5 lil monkeys book from Mark & Kathy. Grandma Sharon gave her the mini A&W mug. Uncle Travis gave her a Rhyme & Discover book.


Aunt Wendi & cousin Hayden gave Adelyn 2 super cute outfits for summer!


Adelyn got a drum & other musical instruments from Aunt Laura!


Uncle Jeff, Aunt Pam, & cousin Maya gave Adelyn a learn to dress doll and Maya made her the card! Neighbor Chuck gave her a vtech learn & discover steering wheel.


Adelyn also got a few gifts early in the mail from our friends, The Jackson’s, who moved to KS. She got a classical stacker & sippy cups! Our friends, the Schumachers, are due any day with baby #3 sent a gift early as well, a picnic basket & also a sippy cup.


The rest of the guests either gave $ or contributed to her college fund. Adelyn is more than blessed and we are so grateful for everyone’s kindness in celebrating our sweet girl’s 1st birthday.

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  1. Love the idea of a college fund!! We need to get that started for Pearson!! Eeek!!


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