Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kyle’s Birthday Present

I began planning Kyle’s gift months ahead of his birthday this year. I contacted a local business in town, showed him a picture of what I wanted, and made sure we had enough time to find a rock and get the inscription done.

For years Kyle has wanted this big rock, with the saying “Break The Rock” on it. They sell smaller ones, but he always said he wanted a BIG one. At first I didn’t understand what the meaning was and I’m sure you’re wondering what does “Break The Rock” mean! Well let me tell you!


There is a similar one in the University of Iowa strength and conditioning facility. The underlying theme is that through hard work and sacrifice, a Hawkeye student-athlete can chip away at any obstacle and accomplish goals. Love it!

Thankfully everything fell into to place and my Dad delivered his gift 2 days before Kyle’s birthday! This is what Kyle saw coming down the road and said “You didn’t, did you?!?!” The 2nd thing you said “How much did it cost?” (this is why he hadn’t got one, because to do something custom like this would be very expensive, but I got a good deal)


He was SO excited, like a kid at Christmas! We had a pull a bush {that we weren’t fond of} before it could be perfectly placed in our yard.


So thankful for my Dad, his willingness to help, and his equipment to move this 2000+lb rock!


They set it down out of the bucket, but it wasn’t facing the right direction…


So with some carefully maneuvering we got it to the perfect angle!


And it’s easy to see that the birthday boy approves!



  1. Better not move anytime soon!

  2. That is awesome!! You are such a good wife to get him the perfect gift. I love the excitement on his face as he's watching your dad put it in it's place. :)

  3. Ah That is so awesome! I love gifts that have meaning! What a good wife you are!

  4. What a great gift!! That was SO thoughtful of you!! Love the Hawkeye logo :)!

  5. Heather Dailey-IversonJune 19, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    The smile on his face is awesome, you can tell he is insanely happy. Good job Darci!


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