Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday/Reunion Saturday

{late…but still wanted to get it posted!}

May 26th Kyle turned 28! Crazy how close to 30 we are {kinda makes me feel old!}. That day also happened to by my 10 year class reunion. Since we live {relatively} close to my hometown I knew I wanted to go. Kyle was the good daddy/dotting husband the whole afternoon!

It was HOT day! The kiddos enjoyed playing on the cool concrete inside the shelter. A guy from my class smoked meat and people brought sides & desserts to share. It was a fun afternoon catching up with everyone, seeing how much some people have changed, yet others never do!


We had about half of our class show up, much more than I expected!

Class of 2002


We left the reunion in time to do some birthday celebrating. We had a nice supper at home, got Adelyn in bed {poor thing ended up getting heat stroke and threw up throughout the night}, and celebrated with an evening in {redbox and birthday cake}!

In our house to celebrate birth-weeks…not just the day! So Sunday we continued the celebrations and had a few more of Kyle’s favorites, including an afternoon nap & Caseys pizza!

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  1. The reunion looks like a good time, I have mine later this summer too. Poor girl, I'm sorry to hear she got sick. I bet birthday cake helped to make her feel better though, I know it would with me. :)


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