Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a busy, but fun weekend! It started Friday night with a double date with our friends, Mark & Kathy, to Des Moines. My Mom was kind enough to watch Adelyn {and ended up spending the night}. We went out to a Mongolian bbq, did some furniture shopping, drooled over some cars, and finished the night off with self serve fro-yo.
Saturday Kyle had to do a work thing from 7am-9am. Adelyn, Auntie M, and I had to head back to Des Moines {Adelyn slept almost the whole hour+ drive!} bright & early for her 1 year pictures. I was so thankful that my sister could join us. Its just so nice to have an extra person. Adelyn did so well for her pictures and we were done in no time {thankfully before the rain came}.
We had some spare time and decided to check out the small farmer’s market that was going on nearby. Auntie M found a steal of a deal on some perennials and I picked up some delicious organic homemade peanut butter chocolate granola bars. Auntie M got a lemonade & shared with Adelyn….hindsight I should have gotten one for Adelyn. She drank almost all of Auntie M’s glass! And she didn’t even make a sour face!IMG00515-20120623-0953
We had to meet up with Uncle P, but we had some time to kill so we did a little shopping at TJMaxx. Actually I didn’t shop…I just ran after Adelyn! I wanted her to have some time to stretch her legs before we had to hop in the car again for another hour & a half. Needless to say, she loved running around the store, the shoe isle was her favorite!
We said our goodbyes to Auntie M & Uncle P, they were off to their company picnic, and we had to jet home. Once again Adelyn napped almost the whole way home. I was so thankful for a good little traveler on Saturday!
We had lunch when we got home and changed to hit the road yet again! This time we headed north to a small town for a cousin’s wedding. And guess what, Adelyn slept for about an hour on the way there too! Thank the Lord! I forgot my camera at home so I had to steal this picture off facebook. I’m always so bummed when I forget my camera, especially when we’re all dressed up!403516_10151832014510456_830098293_n
Adelyn did ok during the wedding. We ended up leaving for a wet diaper during the message and finished off the ceremony in the nursery, but thankfully they had sound & a tv so we could see it! Going to a wedding with a 1 year old is a whole new experience!
In between the wedding & reception we stopped by my good friend Sara’s house to meet her newest addition (once again no camera). Josie is baby #3 for a Sara & Vahn! She is seriously super Mom, I’m always so impressed with her!
We headed back to the reception just in time to have supper and get a few dances in before we had to make the hour+ drive home. But, you guessed it, Adelyn slept the whole way home and didn’t even wake up for me to take her out of her car seat & put her in her crib.
Sunday we had the usual church and grocery shopping. After Adelyn’s nap and lunch we hit the pool! Notice Adelyn’s pigtails! This was the first time I did them on her! So cute!
And no afternoon is complete without a wagon ride with your puppy!
“Don’t worry Abby I won’t let you fall out!”
We changed out of our wet clothes and Adelyn {and Abby} had a snack! She loves sharing her food with Abby…no matter how many times we say no!
Snacks are so much more fun when you are a big girl and get to get your own from the box!
We finished off our evening with our usual Sunday night pizza, bath {for Adelyn}, and just chilled! Thanks to Aunt Wendi for the super cute new outfit!
Love weekends like this with my family! Why do they have to always go so fast?!?!


  1. That was a lot to cram into one weekend, and how great that you were able to take Adelyn along with you for everything! She looks like such a big girl drinking from the straw.

  2. I love her pig tails! I can't wait for Olivia's hair to get a little longer so I can give her pig tails. Adelyn is such a trooper!

  3. She is one now and can walk. Time to take that pacifier away! It will be much easier now than later!

  4. your blog is a lot nicer looking than mine! I need to start adding pictures, but I don't know how to do that yet! I love seeing the pictures of Adelyn and Abby...they are so cute!


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