Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tweet Baby Girl

A few Saturdays ago my sisters threw me an AMAZING baby shower!!! I am so blessed to have these 3 wonderful women in my life! _DSC4765

Warning:picture heavy post! ;)

I arrived slightly early, but got a sneak peak of the place!_DSC4687

The food table looked great! I loved the decorations and of course the food too!_DSC4694 _DSC4696

They served mini quiches, roll ups, triple chocolate cake, mini “bird’s nest” cupcakes, and Larita’s cookies (they are famous in my town!). _DSC4695

The theme was SO cute…”Tweet Baby Girl”!!_DSC4697

The sign in table did not disappoint! _DSC4701 _DSC4703

Let the party begin!_DSC4706

There was a great turnout for my shower!_DSC4708

So many friends came to shower “baby bangert”!_DSC4713_DSC4729 _DSC4714_DSC4731                    _DSC4715

We even allowed a few cute boys into the party!_DSC4734

To say that I had a lot of gifts to open was an understatement! _DSC4718

This little girl is already blessed beyond belief and she isn’t even here yet!_DSC4720          _DSC4730

I had a few little “helpers” with the gifts too!_DSC4736_DSC4743

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure we have everything we need and more for this little girl!

Afterwards we snuck in a few family pictures! My Mom…aka Grandma!_DSC4755

Me and Grandma…or should I say Great Grandma! :)_DSC4760

And we cannot forget 3 of my bestest friends…my sisters!_DSC4766 _DSC4767

Stay tuned this week for more baby updates! I’m a few weeks behind on my weekly posts…and I had ANOTHER baby shower…and a few projects I want to share!! Have a great week everyone!! 

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  1. Adorable shower! You are looking so your dress!


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