Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Has Arrived at the Bangert House!

Over the past week Kyle and I have watched the leaves quickly turn colors on the tree in our front yard and ever more quickly they fell to the ground! But look at the picture below…only half of them did!! Kinda odd! For a few years now we’ve wondered if something was wrong with this tree and I think this is another confirmation. I hope it can pull through because it is such a big, beautiful shade tree.  
Look where Abby was the whole time I was outside taking pictures!! She loves that bay window!!DSC04521 
I sure do love this time of year! I always thought summer was my favorite season, but fall is coming in as a tie I think! The changing leaves, cool nights with the windows open,the smell of sweet apples, farmers in the fields, football, the cheer of candles, and pumpkins on someone's much to love!DSC04522 
When I noticed the leaves turning colors in the front yard I decided it was time to get out my fall decor! I love fall decorations because you can leave them up for such a long time. I get them out in September and then don’t put them away until I get out my Christmas decorations around Thanksgiving!
This “wirey” pumpkin is one of my favorite fall pieces!!DSC04524 
Kyle must have been watching some “guy action” movie when I took these!! :pDSC04526  DSC04528 
Another fall favorite! DSC04529

Happy Fall to Everyone!!!

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  1. Love the photos! You have a beautiful home! And Abbey is so cute in the window!
    The tree is funny! Maybe it's in denial about fall? Haha!


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