Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrating Mother’s Day

We celebrated all the Mom’s in our life all weekend long a few weeks ago. It started out with lunch with my Grandma and 2 of my sisters at a local tea room!DSC07198

Tea rooms hold a special place in my heart. A farmer/neighbor growing up owned one and I started working there when I was 12. Yes, 12! I drove the 4 wheeler to work on all gravel roads! I started a dish washer and after that (and I got a little older!) I waitressed, hosted, and worked in the gift shop! It was so fun. But unfortunately it closed. So whenever I get the chance to go to one I’m all for it!

The menu changes each day while keep a few of their “staples” like soup in a bread bowl or their famous chicken salad! I ordered the Almond Chicken. Here is the description from the menu:

A boneless breast of chicken is lightly breaded with crushed almonds, and seasoned bread crumbs. Baked and served with real mashed potatoes, and smothered in a creamy baby Swiss cheese sauce, and served with candied carrots, a homemade Italian Style cole slaw, and our home baked sweet bread.


For desert we ordered the puff pastry…look how HUGE this thing is!! The middle is filled with vanilla mousse, strawberries, banana, and whip cream. Don’t worry, we split it 4 ways! DSC07196

Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma! We had a wonderful visit and didn’t leave there until after 2pm!DSC07197

Next up was celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom! And can you believe in the 6 hours we were at her house I forgot to get a picture with her. Here is one from my Wendi’s college graduation this past December. DSC05300

My Mom & Step Dad were watching my niece, Maya, while my Step-Dad’s daughter & her husband were on a mission trip. It was fun to have a little 4 year old add some extra entertainment to our evening!

Maya took an extra special liking to Kyle! Here they are giggling on the couch!DSC07200

After supper we went for a walk…the whole family!  DSC07206

We made a stop at the park for Maya…DSC07215

And maybe for the “big kids” too! ;)     DSC07217  DSC07219  DSC07221    DSC07225           DSC07236

After our park time we finished up our walk and headed back to my Mom’s. (You can tell from the pictures towards the end that it was getting dark!) We had desert and called it a night!

Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day with Kyle’s Mom with going out to a brunch buffet after church. It was a great weekend celebrating the wonderful Mom’s in our life. I hope you were able to spend some time you Mom!

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  1. I m sure you love your mother very much.

    I m also celebrate mother's day with my mom and also i got 1st division in +3 final yr degree for here.


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