Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Organizing

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend! We’ve been busy! I had Good Friday off work and had lots on my “to-do” list! One thing included organizing a few spaces that people don’t always see, but weren’t always the most organized. I was quite inspired by a blog I “stumbled” across: Clover Lane.
So here is what I did! I started in the kitchen…the dreaded under the kitchen sink cupboard, which was mainly overtaken by years of accumulated plastic sacks! So I took EVERYTHING out and made a throw/recycle pile and a keep pile. And then neatly organized everything back in putting the cleaning products used most in the front.
DSC06808 DSC06809
  Next I did the cupboard in our bathroom. I’ve done this multiple times, but I’m always reluctant to throw all those extra lotions and body sprays. But I found that they are WAY too many years old and wasn’t going to risk ever using them!
DSC06811 DSC06812
   I ended up purging TONS of stuff from this cupboard!DSC06813 
I also cleaned up a few things under the bathroom sink. I read on a blog to hit the dollar store to get baskets for organizing and that is just what I did and it looks great! DSC06818

I think the biggest changed cabinet is this one in our living room. It is a built-in I use to keep our extra candles and linens. My sister commented that when you use baskets you can’t store as much stuff, but my response was that there was a lot of stuff in this cupboard that didn’t belong there and also items that needed to be thrown. (i.e. candles that had no wicks left!) I’m very happy with the result!
DSC06819 DSC06820
I have a list of more places I want to get done in the house, but didn’t quite get there on Friday! And I’m bummed because I forgot to take a picture of all the bags I threw out from just these few spaces, I think it was 4-5 medium sized garbage bags!

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