Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last 2 Days in Florida

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This was our final morning at my Grandpa’s house. You know I forgot to mention my Grandpa’s house is less than a mile from the ocean and it’s one road with a draw bridge over the inter-costal waterway!  
Since it was our last morning we wanted to get to beach extra early to watch the sunrise!
Luckily a friendly fisherman was there to take our picture!DSC06655
The air was still quite chilly, but that made the water feel super warm !DSC06669
It’s fun to draw in the sand! I might have to frame this for some more decor in my office! :)DSC06677      DSC06683
Kyle thinks he’s Super Man…he’s my super-man!! :)DSC06684   
Perfect way to start our last day in Florida!DSC06688    DSC06692
After our serene morning at the beach we went back to my Grandpa’s, packed up and went to breakfast. My Grandpa loves Cracker Barrel. He says it the “old people’s place”! I like to look at all the different things they have in the shop…check out this giant Hershey’s coin bank! DSC06695  
After breakfast Wendi, Kyle, and I headed back to her place near Tampa, about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Kyle enjoyed a movie on the way…he looks deep in thought! ;)DSC06698
And Wendi safely drove us the whole way through what she calls the “butt crack of Florida”…the middle of Florida & it’s not pretty. lolDSC06699 
Check out this GIANT signs that greets you when you get off the turnpike!!DSC06701              
Wendi had to work so Kyle & I enjoyed a little date night! We had pizza at Pizzeria Valdiano! DSC06721
Hawaiian, of course! (it’s our favorite!)DSC06716  
We didn’t eat too much pizza though because we knew what we wanted right down the sidewalk…Cold Stone!! Kyle made the comment that we had ice cream everyday while we were in Florida!! Just the way I like my vacations! ;)   DSC06722 
Mmmm…PB cup perfection!!! Feel free to drool!DSC06723 
We sat outside and enjoyed the Florida scenery!DSC06725 DSC06726
After our date we picked Wendi up from work and hung out at her apartment for the rest of the evening. We were sad that our vacation went by so quick, but it is always good to go home too!
Kyle and I made it back safely late Wednesday afternoon. But we couldn't leave Florida without going to the beach one last time! DSC06730  DSC06735 
We had a wonderful, refreshing time! And of course it was so good to see Grampo & Wendi! Can’t wait for our next visit!

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