Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Fun!

Saturday (after the 4th) I hung out with Wendi and a friend of her's (from college) who was here for the weekend. We decided to go to Don & Sherawn's to cool off in the pool!! It was a nice time and I think we all got some good sun....including Abby!! We put her in the pool and it was like paddling was automatic for her!! It was so cute!! She didn't like it very well though 'cause she was always swimming for the side to try and get out. So we put her on a floaty for a while and I think she felt a little bit better!!

Rachel, Beth (Wendi's friend from school), & Wendi


Abby catching some rays....we got such a kick out of her in the pool!!

She looks like a drowned little rat!

This is Don & Sherawn's dog Becky. She loved to run on the side of the pool. I don't think her & Abby are friends yet though...they need to get used to each other first!!

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