Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grandma Loves her Babies!

Impromptu family visits are my favorite! My parents stopped by one night this week to get their grand-baby fix! Wendi and Hayden happened to be over at our house too. Hayden is a definite Grandma's boy, so when Grandma was loving on Adelyn he was a tad jealous!10.5.11 Grandma & Hayden

But never fear Hayden, you have a strong Grandma who can handle both of you!!! I love Adelyn's big grin in this picture!! Soon Grandma will have to make room for one more Grand-baby, Stef is due in 3 short months!!


  1. Your little girl have such a sweet smile :)

  2. LOVE Adelyn's smile!! She is perfect....

    Hayden looks bitter/jealous and Adelyn is saying "hahahahaha!" ;)

  3. Look at Adelyn's HUGE smile. So sweet!!


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