Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Hayden

September 12th, 2011 this little cutie turned 1!330956_10150329147827348_586497347_7888284_2089575116_o

He happens to be our sweet nephew Hayden! Hard to believe a year ago he was this small!DSC08548_thumb

We celebrated his first birthday the following Sunday with family & a few friends at my parents' house.337577_10150329124502348_586497347_7888225_1504742291_o 333212_10150329147482348_586497347_7888282_103925546_o332928_10150329122747348_586497347_7888210_617602266_o

Wendi (Hayden's Mom) and I spent the night before decorating a bit. Wendi acutally did the majority of it and I was so proud of her! She borrowed my cricut and went to town!!

328091_10150329152032348_586497347_7888312_769110885_o 337375_10150329123237348_586497347_7888217_396538052_o
194732_10150329122572348_586497347_7888209_977787817_o332056_10150329122397348_586497347_7888208_665743813_o 332560_10150329124382348_586497347_7888224_899243820_o

Hayden got a lot of fun gifts. He was more interested in the wrapping, tissue paper, and boxes though (as most kids are)! Hayden just went along and would randomly pull gifts out of their bags or wrapping!336390_10150329148457348_586497347_7888288_935168138_o

He particularly like this little monkey! So sweet! We got him a little blow up ball pit.  330525_10150329148757348_586497347_7888291_1453457549_o

Grandpa Duane grilled out and we had all kinds of yummy sides to go with our hot dogs & hamburgers! And of course the most important part of a birthday party: CAKE!!334731_10150329149647348_586497347_7888296_117895773_o

Wendi got Hayden his own little smash cake from a local favorite bakery. He was a little hesitant at first…..323480_10150329149302348_586497347_7888294_2137782591_o

but then went to town! Gotta love smash cake pictures!! (Makes me excited for Adelyn's party...but I know it's going to come sooner than what I expect).326294_10150329150447348_586497347_7888302_368888582_o338238_10150329150992348_586497347_7888305_855026113_oHappy birthday sweet baby boy!! We’ve enjoyed watching you grow throughout your first year and are excited to see the changes ahead for your 2nd year!! Love you lil Hayden!! Smile


  1. Decorations look great! I SO want a cricut!!

    That 'favorite local bakery' doesn't happen to be Lorita's does it?! I SO miss her cookies!!

  2. So fun!! I may or may not have already starting thinking about Pearson's first birthday!!


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