Friday, October 14, 2011

The Latest

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the wealth of updates I posted over the weekend last week. It’s hard to believe Adelyn is 16 weeks old, going on 4 months! Time is flying by WAY too fast! She is growing and changing everyday. It’s so fun, though, to watch how she learns new things!

Mostly everyday Kyle and I ride to work together. It’s so nice to have 2 sets of hands to get Adelyn into to daycare and settled. Well when Kyle and I went to pick her up one day last week she was in the jumper/exersaucer thing and I thought “No way, she can’t be big enough for that?!?!”. Well she obviously was! ;) I decided it was time to get our’s out at home for her to see what she thought! DSC00881

I had to put a blanket around her ‘cause the opening was quite a bit bigger than the one she was in at daycare, but we were able to lower it enough so her feet could touch the floor. She didn’t bounce too much, but she did like looking at all the new toys that surrounded her!DSC00884

This is her “latest” thing she’s doing. She loves to put her feet up in the air. She grabs at them quite a bit too, but mostly she’ll just sit there with her feet in the air! Too funny!DSC00888

Did you notice the John Deere corn teether in the picture? This is a gift from Grandma B, it vibrates. Adelyn really likes it, but it’s almost too heavy for her to hold on to so it usually ends up just sitting on her tummy! She’s definitely an Iowa girl! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Adelyn and I are headed out of town with some friends while Daddy is going to the Hawkeye game.


  1. So the pic of her with her feet straight up!!

  2. Pearson loves grabbing his feet these days. I guess I need to bust out our exersaucer out too!! I am in denial that he is big enough to use it!


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