Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Food

A few weeks ago Adelyn and I headed down to my Mom’s house to make some baby food! A friend/neighbor of my Mom’s had an apple tree that was just loaded with apples. They are an elderly couple and weren’t going to use the apples this year, so my Mom found out we could have them!DSC00858

Mom, Adelyn, and I went and picked two grocery bags FULL! We then headed back to my Mom’s house and got busy! We cleaned all the apples first and then cut them up. 

Once they were cleaned & cut we put a little water in the bottom of a pan and let them cook until they got nice and soft. DSC00860

After they were cooked, we used this thing to make them into applesauce. I have no clue what it’s called. It was my Great Grandma’s and my Mom inherited it. Whatever it is, it worked great!DSC00862

My Mom was a great help throughout the whole process. She did the majority of the cutting and mushing part!DSC00861

After my Mom got the apples all “mushed” I divided them into small containers to cool and then freeze. I used smaller Glad containers so I could just grab one out of the freezer for Adelyn. DSC00863

We are thinking of starting her on food maybe next month. She is still doing really well just nursing, so we don’t see the need to rush the cereal or baby food.

I ended up popping them out of the cups and Mom made another batch of applesauce for Adelyn. Needless to say, we are stocked up on applesauce. I’ve heard it’s good to mix it with the rice cereal or just eat plain. Either way I’m excited to have made this for my baby and know there isn’t anything in it, but apples! I’ve also done a few squashes and some sweet potatoes that are in the freezer for Adelyn.


  1. Wow!! I'm jealous of those fresh apples! I can't wait to start making Hudson's baby food!

  2. Looks so yummy and yes the best is knowing there's nothing else in it!


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