Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adelyn’s Four Months Old!

On October 21st Adelyn turned 4 months old! She continues to grow and change all the time! Sometimes when we pick her up in the evenings from daycare I think it looks like she changed just in those 10 hours we were away from her!4 months

Late September I got a call from daycare that Adelyn was running a temp of 100.2. So I quickly got her a Dr. appointment that afternoon. The Dr said she had double ear infection and put her on some antibiotics. That week was pretty rough on her, she didn’t sleep well, but by 1 week later she was back to her normal happy self! Speaking of Adelyn being happy, unless she is hungry or tired she is usually smiling, cooing, and just jabbering to herself! We feel so blessed to have such a happy little girl!DSC00986

Adelyn visited 2 new states in her 4th month of life. We took a trip with my friend Kim and her little guy Reece to Missouri & Kansas for a  crafting weekend! Adelyn was such a great little traveler. Hayden just couldn’t resist joined Adelyn for a picture! He is about 13 1/2 months now. Notice his shirt, “I’m a Hawkeye just like my Uncle”! I wonder who got him that?!?!DSC00991

We are amazed at how strong Adelyn is getting! On October 1st she rolled from her back to her tummy and daycare thinks that she’s not far away from crawling. I’m not so sure about that, but when she is on her tummy she sure does move her arms & legs, but just doesn’t go anywhere, so I’m sure she’ll surprise us once again! However I think she is a little bit closer to sitting on her own. She’s pretty good at doing the “tripod”. DSC00990

Adelyn is a busy little girl! She is hold grabbing for something and wiggling those arms & legs! A new favorite when we’re changing her diaper is to grab her feet and pull them up to her mouth! In fact I tried to take per 4 month pictures a night early and this was the result! Silly little girl!DSC00942

Another thing we learned from daycare is that Adelyn holds her own bottle! We would’ve never known this because I always nurse her when she is home with us! We were so surprised to hear this that we had to give her a bottle to see for ourselves. Sure enough she grabs right on and holds it all by herself! I think we have an independent little girl on our hands!

We finished out the Pampers size 1-2 diapers and moved to size 2. They seemed really big at first, but she’s quickly growing into them! And I finally did the whole switch over of her closet to her size 3-6 mo clothes. DSC00988

Adelyn has been giving us little “ha ha’s” quite a bit, but this month she had her first all out giggle! It was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard! She happened to think the crinkling of a grocery sack was the funniest thing that night. Unfortunately it was a one time thing. I tried it a few nights later with her and didn’t get the same result! if you want to hear it for yourself, click here!

At her four month appointment she weighed 15.2 lbs and was 26 1/8 inches long. She was in the 97th percentile for height and 80th percentile for weight. Doctor said she’s perfect! And of course we agree! We love this little girl more than anything. Waking up to her happy coo’s and smiles every morning is our favorite way to start the day! We feel blessed beyond words to have such a happy, healthy little girl! four months


weight 15.2 lbs

length 26 1/8 in long

eating 100% breastfeeding

clothes 3-6 months & some 0-3

diapers size 1-2 & size 2

Watch me grow!

one month1[4]edit1 adelyn[4]4 months


  1. I love the picture with her feet up in the air.

  2. I'm not surprised she is in the 97% for height....look at those legs!!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! She is just too, love, love the picture of her grabbing her legs!! ha ha ha! Love that little lady xoxo


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