Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ear Infection

In Adelyn’s 3 month post I mentioned she got a cold after being at daycare for just a short time. Well a week or so later she was running a 100.2 temp and quite fussy so we took her into the doctor and confirmed the poor little one had double ear infection. Sad smileThey put her on some meds and within a few days we could tell we had our happy baby back.


They did want to see her for a 1 week follow up to look at her ears again. So Daddy and I took a few hours off work a morning last week and took our sweet girl in to the see the doctor. Thankfully they said everything looked good!DSC00851

I was already dressed when I got Adelyn ready. I had laid out her purple onesie the night before and I couldn’t resist her wearing these cute little gray pants to match Mommy in her purple & gray!! PS Don’t you just love her onesie: “My Mom is awesome, fun, and the best”!!

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  1. LOVE the color coordination! And her onsie says it all :)


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