Monday, November 30, 2009

Sister Time in Omaha

The week of Thanksgiving was filled with sister time! Wendi flew home from Florida on Monday. That night we went out to Sports Page for supper with her, Mindi, Grandma, Kyle, and I. They have BOGO burgers on Monday nights!
I worked a full day on Tuesday and then that night Wendi, Mindi, and I headed over to Omaha to Stef & Geoff’s new downtown loft! We spent the evening chatting, checking out their very trendy, cool loft, and watching the Biggest Loser. Stef also made us a delicious pizza! She is such a great host!
Wednesday Stef and I woke up early when Geoff went to work and went to the gym in her building for a sister sweat session! I have a to say I am a tad jealous that she has a gym just a few steps out her door! So cool! We came back to her loft and she made us yummy breakfast burritos! After breakfast (and Wendi finally getting out of bed!) we hit the town for a some shopping and sight seeing! Stef showed us a few neighborhoods where her and Geoff think they would like to eventually buy a place, including one on the lake!! We went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and got WAY too much food. Afterwards everyone was ready for some chill time so went back to the loft and got a Netflix and relaxed!  (Don’t watch Management w/Jennifer Aniston…it’s HORRIBLE!!)DSC05081
That evening we volunteered at Stef & Geoff’s church for a Thanksgiving dinner that was open to the public. It really puts things into perspective and makes you realize how fortunate you are for what you have been blessed with. I think we were all glad to be able to help!
After volunteering we went to the Old Market to The Dubliner. They had live music that night, it was fun! I think we were all quite tired though from our long, fun filled day!   DSC05090
DSC05087        DSC05095 DSC05096
We called it an early night and headed back to Stef & Geoff’s place. Thursday morning Mindi and I got up early to head back to her place to get our dishes ready Thanksgiving dinner. Stef, Geoff, and Wendi came later.
For Tte rest of our Thanksgiving…stay tuned!

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