Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Since we spent Thanksgiving day with Mom we had breakfast on Saturday with Grandma at Mindi’s house. Mindi and Stef made a great meal. We had Monte Cristo’s with raspberry syrup, apple cinnamon muffins, clementines, french toast, and juice! I had never had a monte cristo before and I was quite surprised, it was really good!


Backing up a day, I spent the day Friday shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Mom B and Laura spent the night Thursday  night and we all got up and were to the mall by 3:45am Friday! We split our lists and covered lots of ground in little time! Kyle and I went to Younkers and then headed across the street to Target by 4:45am to stand in line for the 5am opening time! The line was half way to Wal-Mart! But we both got a free reusable shopping bag! We “cleaned up” at Target and then had to get one quick thing at RadioShack and then headed home! Kyle had to work at 8am so he got a little shut eye before he had to go in.

Mom B and Laura finished up at Sears and Wal-Mart and met me at the house and we headed south to do some more damage in Des Moines! We shopped all day and didn’t get home till after 6…14+ hours of shopping!! Wow!! It was super fun though and we had lots of fun! I even went shopping more when we got back to Fort Dodge. We actually lost power and Kyle was still at work, so what else would I do, but shop?!?! lol

Ok, back to Saturday. We had some good conversation around breakfast and played the Wii. Stef and Geoff had to get back to Omaha and I had to be back to FD by 1pm so everyone headed out. It is so nice that Stef and Geoff are so close now, just a few good hours and they’re home! Keep Stef in your prayers, she is still on the hunt for a job!DSC05120

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