Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saturday Night

After breakfast at Mindi’s on Saturday I headed back to Fort Dodge to meet up with Sara, Vahn, and Emma. They had an appointment at Sears to get family Christmas pictures taken. I think each time I see Emma she is doing something new and I love her more each time. She is just so cute & squeezable!!! :) I mean come on, you can’t deny those cute little cheeks! Oh and check it out, she has a tooth…see it???


After pictures at Sears we took Emma to see Santa. When we walked up to him she was latched on to me tight, but ended up being ok with sitting on his lap! So cute!!!

DSC05127 DSC05129

After hanging out with the Schumacher’s I headed home and when Kyle got off work we headed to Mom & Dad B’s house for Thanksgiving pizza!! Mom B’s homemade pizza is super yummy!! After supper we played a couple rounds ‘Up the River’…always fun times around the table with the Bangerts! I left my camera in the car though so I didn’t get any pictures. :(

When we got back to town our friends Mel & Robbeye invited us out for a margarita at Tres Amigos so we decided to stop by! We always have a good time with them! Wendi and her friend from high school, Kelsey, stopped by too!


Kyle and Robbeye!DSC05132 

I love these beautiful girls!!DSC05136

Neighbors & Friends!!!DSC05138 

Jake stopped by too! It is always good to see him! (I don’t think either one of them were ready for the picture!)DSC05139

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