Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wendi Graduates

Last Thursday Mom and I traveled to Florida to celebrate Wendi’s graduation from college!! We got in late Thursday night! We stopped at a 7-11 to get something to drink and I tried my first slurpee! It was great!!!DSC05274 

Wendi had graduation practice Friday morning so Mom and I did a little shopping and then we met up for lunch at Abuelos. A delicious Mexican restaurant. They had an AWESOME queso dip!! Afterwards we did a little more shopping. This was the Christmas tree in the middle of the area we were shopping at…it was HUGE!! I love the palm trees in the background!DSC05278 

That night we went to downtown Lakeland (the town where Wendi lives and went to college). We stopped at Pizza Palace for supper, a favorite of Wendi and her friends!

DSC05280 DSC05282

Wendi and her roommate!DSC05279   

There was a little festival going on, so we walked around as long as we could stand the “cold” 50 degree windy night! ;) I shouldn’t be complaning ‘cause it was WAY warmer than Iowa!DSC05284

DSC05285 DSC05287

The swan is kind of like the “symbol” of Lakeland. They are all over the place in all forms!


Saturday was the big day!!DSC05288  

Wendi and her bff, Becky, since 1st grade!DSC05291 

Thanks Mom and Dad for not letting me be the youngest Grettenberg Girl!! Don’t know what I would do without my little sister!!!DSC05293  

So proud of you Suzie!!!DSC05298   

Pomp and Circumstance! Grandma - “That song makes me tear up every time!”DSC05304 

The church was huge where the graduation ceremony was held and was decorated VERY beautiful for the season!DSC05306  DSC05308       

Wendi got her degree!! (or at least holder for it!)DSC05384        

When Wendi was walking out she knew I was going too miss her so she popped her head back to get in the picture! Kind of a cool picture!DSC05395  

Grandma, Uncle Kenny, and Aunt Patty made a little vacation out of Wendi’s gradation being in Florida and stayed and their timeshare in Orlando for the week!DSC05398 

Wendi and friends!DSC05400      DSC05406 DSC05407 

After the ceremony and lunch, Wendi gave us a tour of the campus. Mom and I had both seen it before, but the rest of the family hadn’t. It is a gorgeous campus! This is one of the newest buildings on campus, it’s their cafeteria!!DSC05410 

Wendi had to work at a basketball game Saturday night so I went along! It was fun to meet Wendi’s friends. Afterwards we went to Coldstone for some ice cream!!DSC05412

Sunday we got up and headed to Orlando to meet up with Grandma, Dad, Uncle Kenny, and Aunt Patty for brunch. And then we did a little shopping and flew out around 4pm. We enjoyed our time in Florida celebrating Wendi’s accomplishments and enjoying the warm weather, but it’s always good to come home!!

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